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lfr editorial

We’re not ignoring you as that would be rude and churlish, says LFR Editor Derek Pearson. But hey, maybe your news just isn’t newsworthy enough?

Hey, LFR, why aren't you covering our news? What do we have to do to get a mention? Are you ignoring us? From time to time we'll get emails like that from someone grumbling because we haven’t published their news stories. I would like to address that situation with a friendly chat. Take off your coat, pull up a chair and let’s get comfortable.

Put simply, if we haven't covered your news there will always be a reason. We always try to give everyone a fair opportunity to talk to our readers, but we are also an online magazine with readers who have come to expect to be informed and/or entertained by high quality content. We work hard to meet those expectations and will not publish material that undermines our efforts.

So I’d like to set out some guidelines for those aspiring towards bending the LFR readership’s many thousands of collective ears. Still interested? Curiosity got you breathlessly leaning forward yet? Then I’ll begin.

Here, for the very first time on stage and screen, we would like to present our very straightforward editorial policy (fanfare). Meet any one of these criteria, and you're published. Fail to meet them and your name won’t be on the list so you’re not coming in. Got it? Okay. Feel free to make notes if you like:

  1. Send us compelling news, the stuff that gets people sitting up to take notice. News that is relevant to our readers − and interesting − will always get published on LFR. Always. Fact.
  2. Become an advertiser. We are, after all, a business and we will accordingly always and faithfully prioritise and pro-actively support all those who support us. Our skilled editorial team will even take the time to polish your material so it will always be seen in the best possible light.
  3. Interact with us. Try a little bit of give-and-take, some back scratching if you will. If we have published your news and you’ve taken the trouble to interact with us we will probably do so again in future. You can interact via a Retweet of our published copy of your news, post a Like on Facebook, or write a comment on LinkedIn − all channels that we syndicate our news to − and we'll smile appreciatively. We shall also look favourably on any news you send us in the future.

And that’s it, it really couldn’t be simpler. We publish great news or material sent in by advertisers and friends − and the equally simple truth is, if you're not getting published on LFR refer to the above criteria, take a moment to reflect, and you'll soon be able to figure out why.

One final thing - and please don’t take this personally - we never, ever publish content that comes in via content placement agencies − such submissions always get promptly filed in the bin. Without exception. And that bin has a lid on it so they can’t get out again.

We look forward to seeing how we can work together in the future. Thanks for popping in and, please, don’t forget your coat on the way out.