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Massivit 3D Printing names Global Graphics as French Distributor

Massivit 3D printing Ltd. announced it has entered into a Distributor Partnership with Global Graphics for the Massivit 1800 3D printer and Massivit Dimengel print media.

Global Graphics is a well-known distributor of digital printing technologies. They have years of experience as well as a network of customers, and represent various brands in the French market providing solutions to the graphic arts & visual communication market.

"As a market innovator, we are looking for great partners with established business in the graphic arts market that can take our solution to potential customers as fast and effective as possible" says Avner Israeli CEO Massivit 3D. "Global Graphics offers a great combination of being well established in the French market while possessing a lot of enthusiasm and the necessary vision to join the 3D revolution. They are a leading supplier and we are delighted that they will be helping us introduce our 3D printing solution to the Print Service Providers in France."

Jean-Pierre Las, Global Graphics President says: "We have been highly impressed with Massivit 3D and their innovative solution for the graphic arts and visual communications markets. Our customers are constantly looking for ways to innovate their business, to add services and are excited to have the ability to add another dimension to their activity and start offering highly attractive 3D solutions to their customers. We believe that Massivit's unique solution will provide exciting opportunities to our customers and complement our company vision of strong brands and powerful solutions."