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Buy Green Signs

The Wide Format Company has unveiled a new website focused exclusively on recyclable and biodegradable sign solutions:

At, anyone with basic internet skills can create and customise signs, banners and posters using state-of-the-art web tools. Design simple or complex graphics without installing any software. Easily upload images, add text, insert Facebook photos and pick from a large selection of ClipArt. Create a graphic and then order the sign printed on a variety of Eco-Friendly printing material.

For many years the large format printing industry had very few options for those looking to be “Green”. The few options offered by the local sign shop were very high in price. This is what makes so different.  There is a huge selection of printing materials for banners, posters, plastic signs, cardboard signs, backlits and even biodegradable foam boards. Virtually anything you want can now be done in an eco-friendly way. The website will not allow someone to create a sign that is non-Recyclable or non-Biodegradable. Example: Lamination is not allowed on an HP Tyvek Banner because the special biodegradable laminate will disrupt the Tyvek recycling process. However, the BioLam is perfectly compatible with other biodegradable paper poster materials. The site is designed to lead the customer down a "green" path and help them avoid eco-harmful options.

As one of the leading HP Graphics Elite Partners in the Northwest region of the USA, it is only natural that (operated by The Wide Format Company) would offer a variety of HP material options. HP has always provided premium printing materials. Now they are going one step further to help the end user keep things “Green”. HP is making huge efforts to help the environment via their “HP Large Format Media Take-Back Program”. Using this program anyone can send their banners and posters back to HP free of charge. HP will then properly recycle them for you. Simply go to the HP website, fill out the online form and print out the UPS label.

“This is an exciting new concept from HP and we plan to support it fully. There are still a lot of places that don’t allow these large printing materials in standard recycling bins. Now a customer can feel good about their purchase knowing that HP will take care of the recycling process when they’re done,” comments Neil Johnston, Special Projects Coordinator at The Wide Format Company.