Pack Print International 2011: Serving ASEAN’s dynamic printing and packaging industries

Pack Print Intl

For those with a stake in the print and packaging industries in Asia, there is no better platform than PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL in 2011. Taking place at an opportune time when the global economy is back on its track for positive growth, and with Asia taking the lead in this recovery – PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL is the only event in Southeast Asia that takes a closer look at technologies that drive printing and packaging innovations.

Southeast Asia's growth potentials and rising living standards will continue to create an ever expanding class of demanding consumers who will settle for none less than the highest quality in products and services. These factors are combining to generate a solid demand for print and packaging products. PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2011 is a must-attend event for all industry players with an interest in playing a significant part in growth in the region. This is all the more so given the synergies between printing and packaging. Well positioned to meet the needs of Southeast Asia's printing and packaging sectors, PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2011 will bring together a multitude of new and innovative technologies, solutions, products and services including new machinery launched for the very first time in this region.


  • Home to 5,000 printing companies employing 120,000 personnel, and consuming more than 2 million tonnes of paper annually. Thailand's Sinsakhon Printing City is transforming into a hotbed of global standard printing activity, already being home to numerous regional and global players, with more investment set to flow in.
  • Food processing for export markets remains a major activity in Thailand, exporting an estimated US$22 billion-worth of processed food products in 2009. Thailand’s National Food Institute forecasts exports to hit $24 billion in 2010 and continue on their growth trend. These exports demand high quality packaging solutions.


  • Fast transforming into a leading technology hub for printing and imaging equipment, Singapore is looking to partner printer manufacturers keen to explore future technologies and applications in plastic and printed electronics.
  • Numerous global packaging giants have located ASEAN and Asian regional operations in Singapore, while local companies coordinate their regional operations from the city state. Singaporean companies typically invest in leading edge technologies in order to remain competitive with regional competitors.


  • The printing industry has been identified as a sector with good potential for further exports and investment. The Government encourages the establishment of printing projects that use modern technology and machinery and cater to the export market. 
  • A major exporter of packaging materials such as stretch and shrink film, shopping bags and heavy-duty sacks. The halal food industry in Malaysia also provides immense opportunities for Malaysia’s packaging suppliers.


  • There are now around 1,500 printing enterprises in Vietnam. Although magazine, book and newspaper printing has traditionally accounted for a major proportion of printing output, labeling and packaging are expected to be the main growth drivers in the future. 
  • Vietnam still has insufficient local capacity to serve end user industry needs for high end products such as flexible plastic packaging and carton packaging. More investment in world class equipment will be required.


The Indonesian food processing industry serving a population of 245 million offers significant market potential for packaging and printing services. The industry is valued at around $42 billion, Frozen processed food, meal replacements products, and baby food is forecasted for double-digit growth in coming years.

Jointly organised by the Thai Printing Association, Thai Packaging Association and Messe Düsseldorf Asia, PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2011 will be THE point of convergence for key industry players to update themselves on the latest industry news, innovations and developments on printing and packaging. The 4-day exhibition will bring together more than 200 leading international manufacturers and suppliers from over 20 countries. Noteworthy is that some 30,000 visitors have visited PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL since its debut in the year 2007. These visitors have benefitted from the wide array of cutting-edge machineries, global technologies and processing solutions on display. More information on PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2011 is available at