CHILI publish announces plans for Graph Expo 16

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With a focus on developing solutions that keep pace with a changing market, CHILI publish comes to Graph Expo 16 with new, significant technical advances: CHILI publisher 5.0 and the groundbreaking PDF rendering solution CHILI rendro. At Graph Expo, CHILI publish will also share new details on a partnership with Enfocus, and provide real-world stories of how its solutions have enabled customer success in North America. Attendees can experience these developments in the CHILI publish booth, 2266, at Graph Expo, being held September 25 – 28 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.   

Kevin Goeminne, CHILI publish CEO, says: “A great deal of work went into developing our new CHILI rendro and CHILI publisher 5.0 technology. Our leadership, marketing, and technical teams all contributed to creating solutions that would not just service the industry - they could transform it. These efforts were validated at drupa, when partners, analysts, press, and attendees all applauded our developments and the impact they would have on the way documents are created, edited and shared. We are excited to now bring these developments to Graph Expo, and to showing the North American market the impact these solutions can have on the way marketers manage their documents – and their brands.”

Transforming the PDF rendering process

At Graph Expo, CHILI publish is showcasing CHILI rendro, a new solution that fundamentally transforms how PDFs are rendered and dramatically improves the approval process.

The PDF standard format is intended to retain the creator’s accuracy of reproduction and context. But apart from some desktop applications, none of the PDF readers on the market follow that standard completely. This means that PDFs don’t always display the way the creator intended, especially in a mobile world.

CHILI rendro changes this paradigm
As Kevin Goeminne notes, “Any business that relies on PDFs as part of their operation will tell you that having fast, accurate renderings of PDFs is critical to their success. But until now, these businesses have had to rely on PDFs that don’t accurately represent what the creator intended, causing delays, mistakes, and inefficiencies. Our breakthrough solution solves these challenges by offering the most meticulous rendering, streaming and 3D viewing module of PDF onto any platform that supports the HTML5 canvas. When files require urgent approval, collaboration or editing, CHILI rendro ensures there are no barriers to success.”

CHILI publish and Enfocus

At Graph Expo, users can also experience the first OEM partnership for CHILI rendro. This partnership brings together CHILI rendro with the PDF quality control and workflow knowledge of Enfocus to create an add-on module for Enfocus Switch called the Switch PDF Review Module. This new module is an HTML5 Browser based PDF approval tool that combines the flexibility of the browser with the powerful “PDF Inspect” features that are part of the Enfocus technology.

Bjorn Willems, Director of Product Management at Enfocus notes, “Thanks to the development work of our partner CHILI publish, we can give our users the quality/performance they want in the PDF review process. We are grateful for the innovation efforts of CHILI publish.”

CHILI publisher 5.0
The CHILI publisher online editor makes digital the publishing processes easier, more efficient and more intuitive. This solution is easy to use, and gives marketers an easy, scalable way to control their documents ¬¬– and their brand.  

This latest version of the technology builds on that success. Features in CHILI publisher 5.0 include:

An Updated User Experience

Today, users are routinely working from devices and locations of their choice. To support this trend, CHILI publisher 5.0 incudes a completely new user experience for online editing. This new UX accommodates the wide range of applications in which users choose to edit, on their phones, tablets or computers - any workspace that is retendered on a HTML 5 canvas.

So whether the user is editing on a small or large screen, using a mouse, touch, or even a combination of these, CHILI publisher dynamically adapts the workspace to give the user the best possible experience.

Growing Opportunities in The Asian Market

Asia continues to be an area of growth and opportunity for CHILI Publish. The company has established an office in the region and now works with a network of resellers and partners. As a result, CHILI publisher 5.0 includes support of Asian languages for direct creation and editing in CHILI publisher.

In this release, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian are supported, with more languages to follow. Output of these documents to PDF and InDesign Mark-Up Language (IDML) is also supported.

Customer Success in North America

As the adoption of CHILI publish has grown in North America, so has the success of the customers who use the technology. At Graph Expo, CHILI publish will share be sharing the stories from these “Spicy Stars.”

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