Publishers help to drive change through Canon’s Future Book Forum

Canon event LFR

People from across the publishing and book printing industries will join Canon for the annual Future Book Forum taking place from 2-4 November 2016. The event at the Canon Customer Experience Center in Poing, Germany, will again aim to explore the evolving publishing landscape with interactive sessions, industry discussions and insight from leading publishers, production companies and print houses.

“Last year’s Future Book Forum was a really good event, well run and provided highly relevant information” said Mike Levaggi, Group Production Director of Harper Collins. “Digital printing has changed our world. Around five years ago, and certainly within the last 10, we were dependent on litho. Now the technology has developed to such a degree that 30% of our products are now printed digitally. Within five years, I’m sure that at least 50% will be printed digitally and that is a conservative estimate.”

He added: “The next big benefit will be in trade colour digital printing, including children’s books. At the moment around 80% of this work, as is the case with other publishers, is done in the Far East. Digital will open up opportunities to bring book printing closer to the markets being served. This is already starting to happen in academic and more recently education products and is going to accelerate. At some point I believe colour book trade printing will return to the UK and increase in Europe, as it already has in the academic sector, and I have no doubt about that. We see this as a potential big advantage in other markets as well.”

Birgit Dahl, Procurement Manager, Global Content, RELX Group Ltd, said: “Digital printing is the future for book production. Print on demand, no need for warehouse stock, fast delivery to the market, customised content are the key benefits beside cost efficiencies - this all is increasingly important for the future of book publishing. As print runs continue to decline overall, digital will come into its own and create new opportunities in innovative business models and in revenue growth. I’ve attended all previous Canon Future Book Forums and found them to be extremely useful. Not only do you get valuable insights into future trends, it is an interactive event, everybody gets involved, has time to connect with each other.”

Another regular visitor has been Nigel Eyre, Global Production Director (Books), Taylor and Francis Group. “The reason I have been going for the last three years is that technology is changing so quickly,” he said. “It’s a good networking event and opportunity to meet other publishers and see how they are using the different technologies. Digital enables us to print closer to where the markets are based – that’s where the technology comes into its own. As colour improves we will look even more at inkjet, which is improving year on year.”

He added: “The Canon event attracts people with a huge amount of expertise and knowledge that they are willing to share. It’s certainly worth attending.”

Craig Nethercott, Director, Commercial Printing, Canon UK, said: “The Future Book Forum has developed into a not-to-be missed platform to exchange ideas and feedback on the challenges of today, and discover the big opportunities of tomorrow.

“This event is not about printing systems or specifically about Canon. Challenged by speakers and moderators from the publishing world, we seek to play a vital role in bringing the industry together to create a shared vision, to explore the new possibilities for each of our businesses, to facilitate new partnerships and ways of working, and create a future in which we will all be more successful.”

The Future Book Forum is taking place in Poing, Germany, from 2-4 November 2016 where this year it will challenge those attending to explore how the industry can reinvent the book.