Green issues 'well and truly back on the agenda' at Sign & Digital 2012

Signdigital 2012

Faversham House Group has announced the launch of a “Green Trail” at the Sign & Digital UK exhibition in 2012 which will highlight products that display either an eco-friendly, environmental or ethical element.

Alan Caddick, marketing manager of Sign & Digital UK explains, “We thought of a Green Trail two years ago, but through the recession we’ve seen businesses review the importance they placed on environmental issues and concentrated more on survival tactics - with pricing and customer service on the top of their list of priorities. We’ve seen renewed interest this year and the Green issue is well and truly back on the agenda. In response to this, we’ve decided to implement the Green Trail at Sign & Digital UK 2012 and are inviting our exhibitors to make us aware of any products being shown at the event that will fit this new initiative.”

The organisers say that they’ve had a positive response from those they’ve spoken to already. “There will be a good mix of products on the Green Trail list including ink and media manufacturers, printers, and recyclable display products,” adds Caddick, “not to mention sustainable solutions from the digital signage sector.” The Green Trail will be heavily promoted prior to the show and highlighted on the exhibition floor plan so visitors can easily identify which stands are taking part.  Exhibitors can register their products now for the inclusion with the show organisers directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include “Green Trail” in the subject.

“All applications for the Green Trail will be vetted to ensure that they actually do display either an eco-friendly, environmentally aware or ethical element to the product, so it’s important that exhibitors wishing to partake can demonstrate this side of their product to us,” Caddick adds.

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