Contex releases wide format scanning Buyer's Guide

Contex Hd Ultra

Contex has released a Buyer's Guide for wide format scanning. The comprehensive document provides an overview of standard usages for scanners and the main factors that end-users should consider before investing in the technology.

According to the guide, scanning usage falls into four distinct scenarios: productivity, convenience, copy and print, and flexibility. By identifying and understanding a scanner's flexibility, usability, and image quality, users are more prepared to choose the right scanner for their requirements. The Buyer's Guide is free and available for download from Contex's website. 

"Contex is sharing its wealth of knowledge and expertise to help the community gain a better understanding of the options available wide format scanning," states Steve Blanken, General Manager Contex North and South America. "This Buyer's Guide provides clear explanations of scanning technologies and scanner capabilities, and is an invaluable tool for anyone considering the purchase of a wide format scanner."

Contex's Buyer's Guide explores the technologies central to a scanner's operations. It defines CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) and CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology, the two prevailing image capture technologies in scanners, and which types of documents are best handled by each one. Similarly, the guide breaks down components of image quality, explaining the different roles optical resolution, lens quality, color bit depth, light source, and accuracy play in capturing an image. The guide then highlights which components end-users should pay most attention to given their scanning needs.

The Guide also presents users with versatile scanning options and categorizes scanners into five groups -- classic scanning, productivity, convenience, single footprint, and side-by-side. It includes descriptions of Contex's current offerings and details the scanners' different imaging applications, familiarising readers with the depth of Contex's product line. 

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