New Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900 from 3M delivers creative possibilities

3M wrap overlaminate

Carbon fibre, brushed and sparkle overlaminates bring texture and eye-catching effects to wraps.

3M, the science-based technology company, has introduced an exciting new line of specialty overlaminates, 3M Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900, that enables graphic installers and manufacturers to push the boundaries of innovative design and achieve greater levels of creativity and customisation that ever before.

The new 3M Wrap Overlaminates Series 8900 includes Carbon Fibre and Brushed finishes, which offer unique textures and visual effects that can spark new life into projects and provide graphic installers with a medium to create distinctive vehicle wraps and sign installations.

“At 3M our goal is always to offer our customers the most innovative and cutting-edge technology possible,” said Christian Stöhr, Portfolio Manager West Europe, 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “The 3M Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900 will provide graphic installers and manufacturers with an unparalleled level of creativity and customisation that works perfectly in tandem with the 3M products they already use, know and trust.”

Enhancing the extensive family of high-quality overlaminates currently offered by 3M, Overlaminate Series 8900 is the company´s first high-performance specialty line. These overlaminates can add a carbon fibre finish to a vehicle wrap or a beautiful brushstroke accent to any wall graphic. They can also finish a printed graphic or coloured wrap film with different sparkle effects in silver, gold and red.

Wrap Overlaminate Series 8900 is compatible with 3M films such as 3M Wrap Film Series 1080, 3M Controltac Graphic Film with Comply v3 Adhesive IJ180Cv3, 3M Controltac Graphic Film Series 180 and performs as a durable protection to keep your graphics looking good.

Made in 1.52m wide rolls, Wrap Film Series 8900 is designed to better match your favourite base wrap film, and they are backed by the 3M MCS Warranty, which provides you with the confidence that the films will perform to meet your customers´ expectations.