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ASLAN Introduces Blackboard Film for Use with Liquid Chalk Markers

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ASLAN Introduces Blackboard Film for Use with Liquid Chalk Markers

The blackboard films available on the market up to now could only be used with normal school chalk. But now ASLAN has brought out a self-adhesive blackboard film that can also be written on with liquid chalk markers.

With this new, top-quality film, ASLAN has further expanded its broad range of self-adhesive blackboard films. ASLAN BB 900, a slate-colored blackboard film, is equipped with a special matt, scratch-resistant surface. This means the blackboard can be written on using either liquid chalk markers or conventional chalk, both of which can then be wet-erased. The film is highly resistant to solvents, meaning that even after constant use it is guaranteed not to show any ghostwriting or shadows. Even if it is written on by accident using an inappropriate writing utensil, e.g. a permanent marker, the marks can be removed using household cleaning spirits or another organic solvent. This cleaning will not damage the film's surface.

The above qualities make the film ideal for all applications involving changing inscriptions, such as signs in restaurants, schools, seminar rooms or offices, or as a memoboard at home.

Rounding out ASLAN's line of blackboard films is an iron-containing ferro film, ASLAN FF 400. Applying this film beneath the blackboard film makes the surface magnetic as well. Blackboard films are also available in black and green, or in glossy white to create a whiteboard.

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