24 May 2018

Enfocus releases Switch 11 update 1 with full support for Smart Preflight & Correction

Enfocus Switch 11 Icon

Enfocus has released Switch 11 update 1 which now includes full support for the new Smart Preflight & Correction functionality introduced in PitStop Server 11. Smart Preflight & Correction offers Switch and PitStop Server users a more dynamic and accurate way of applying preflight and auto-correction settings, driven by the power of Switch variables. Additional new and updated configurators in this release include a direct link to Esko’s Automation Engine, new Microsoft Word configurator supporting the latest versions and updated HP configurators.

Smart Preflight & Correction that takes full advantage of the power of Switch 11

Switch 11 update 1 includes a new version of the PitStop Server configurator, compatible with the newly announced PitStop Server 11. It enables Smart Preflight & Correction in PitStop Server 11 using any of the variables available in Switch, including SQL databases, XML and JDF job tickets, embedded XMP values, private data variables created with the scripting API and all of Switch’s built-in variables.

"PitStop 11 has introduced a new era in PDF preflight, and the combination of PitStop Server 11 and Switch 11 update 1 are making the possibilities endless. Each and every job can be checked to specific job requirements that can be sourced from the file itself, metadata values, job tickets or external data sources," says Dieter Wullaert, Switch product manager. "For example, you can check if an incoming file matches the specifications for that job in your order system, or alternatively whether it corresponds to the information entered on your website by the customer when uploading the job. Using the new rule-based variables, it’s possible to translate those values into real preflight checks – this new functionality is huge and unique in workflow automation."

New configurator streamlines communication between Switch 11 and Esko Automation Engine

Switch has been designed from the beginning to be a complementary and vendor-neutral automation solution, allowing users to do more with their existing technology investments and workflow solutions. With this new configurator, files can be picked up by Switch, processed as required by any of Switch’s many tools and other Crossroads partners configurators, and delivered into an Automation Engine Job without operator intervention. To achieve this goal the configurator offers different ways to find a matching Automation Engine job. Combined with the ability to chain those different ways it provides maximum flexibility in automating the process of assigning incoming artwork to a print job. The new configurator also supports the unattended initiation of Automation Engine workflows upon the delivery of a production file with an accompanying XML job ticket by Switch. The job ticket is picked up by the Automated Job Creation Module of Automation Engine, which ensures flawless execution of the job.

"Because of Switch’s unique file handling capabilities and thanks to the many other configurators already supported in Switch, it is now possible to complete additional processing before a file is delivered to Automation Engine," states Dries Vandenbussche, Automation Engine product manager. "For example: a print buyer places 'chocolate gift box.zip' containing an Illustrator file on an FTP server monitored by Switch and the result in Automation Engine is a preflighted and color-corrected PDF file. We are also very excited about formally joining the Switch community soon as a Crossroads Application Partner."

Enfocus Crossroads is a community related to Enfocus Switch automation. Comprising Crossroads Application Partners, Crossroads Integration Partners and Switch users, the community provides automation best practices to other Switch users and prospects. A dedicated Crossroads web portal (www.crossroads-world.com) provides an extensive source of information about the Crossroads Partners and their integrated solutions.

Updated Microsoft Word configurators and HP configurators

Switch 11 update 1 includes new configurators for the world’s most popular text editor. Users can automate file processing in Microsoft Word 2010 (Windows) or 2011 (Macintosh) and convert all supported Word documents to PDF, rtf, txt, html, doc and docx at 'blazing' speeds.

Next to already available HP SmartStream solution configurators, the HP Digital Front End JD Control Configurator was enhanced. It now enables building even more intelligent workflows by using Switch metadata.


Switch 11 update 1 is available for customers with current Switch maintenance agreements.

A free trial and is available on www.enfocus.com.

For more information on pricing and modules, please contact your preferred reseller or Enfocus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SAi launches version 5 of EnRoute CAD/CAM software

Sai Enroute5

SAi International (SAi) has announced the launch of EnRoute Version 5 CAD/CAM software which has been designed to provide a powerful and easy way to create and output files.

EnRoute 5 builds on the established capabilities of SAi's popular EnRoute family of versatile professional CAD/CAM software, which delivers intuitive, easy-to-use creative tools and accurate toolpathing for carving and engraving needs.  EnRoute software has been specifically introduced to facilitate integration with three-axis CNC machines in the CNC woodworking, CNC signmaking and manufacturing and fabrication industries.

As the most powerful EnRoute software produced to date, Version 5 includes over 50 modifications and comprises a multitude of integrated time-saving features that make the design process faster while improving productivity.

Among the major features of EnRoute 5 is a fully-equipped interface containing enhanced nesting options that provide several new nesting capabilities. Relief creation and editing has also been expanded with new offsetting and distortion tools, while new ways to distort contours and toolpaths have been added to increase possibilities for creativity and deliver precise results.

Heavy lifting and detailed artwork - a unique combination

Importantly, EnRoute 5 is able to handle a wide range of applications via tools that address the needs of high-volume commercial applications. These include the ability to nest materials together to reduce waste, as well as cut more parts per hour thanks to shorter production times. In addition, EnRoute 5 has been designed to undertake detailed 3D work with surface creation and texturing. This capability to handle high-volume projects while also managing the more intense artistic aspects of jobs, sets EnRoute 5 apart from many existing programs that are unable to deliver effectively on both requirements.

"Our EnRoute software is renowned for its rapid texturing and 3D engraving capabilities, but EnRoute 5 ups the ante by incorporating industry-specific tools that push creative boundaries and further enhance productivity by saving design time and cutting costs," says EJ Nodurft, EnRoute product director, SAi. "Since EnRoute 5 makes virtually all types of cutting possible, we believe that it meets all requirements for those users outputting to three-axis routers."

Key new features include:

  • An expanded Advanced Nesting Suite which delivers a host of convenient performance-enhancing features, including the Nest-Around-Obstructions tool. This enables users to specify parts of the plate containing fixtures or material imperfections, before nesting around those areas.
  • Object Distortion, which enables users to tweak the shape of an existing design for use as part of a new design by pushing and pulling on elastic handles to define the desired new shape; and new Relief Tools which allow users to create unique designs by distorting reliefs and introducing variations into cut surfaces.
  • Remnant Creation, which optimizes material use by automatically identifying the sheet remnant and creates a separate contour for the saved remnant. Upon the next job, EnRoute 5 utilises the remnant contour as the plate, fitting parts into every nook and cranny.
  • Single-stroke fonts, which can be used in the same way as other font styles in EnRoute and are primarily intended for marking purposes using an engrave toolpath strategy.
  • A new 3D Engrave Suite, which now includes 3D Engrave, Rapid Texture, Rapid Picture, Toolpath Distortion and Prismatic Lettering. This industry-leading 3D Engrave Suite features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to control and create unique design variations.

SAi has already Beta tested EnRoute 5 with several customers, including Edinboro Hardwoods Ltd., of Pennsylvania, USA, which was quick to benefit from its many attributes.  "EnRoute is the life blood of our production and I don't know where we would be without it," says Edinboro Hardwoods' owner, Thomas Marino. "The solution is by far the number one choice for our production needs and is so much easier to use on a day to day basis than any other software we have tried."

SAi's new EnRoute 5 CAD/CAM software is available in Basic, Plus, or Pro versions to suit the specific production needs of users.

For further information, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Four Pees announces release 4.3 of PrintFactory and ProofMaster

Printfactory 4

Four Pees has announced the release of PrintFactory and ProofMaster 4.3. This update for the PrintFactory and ProofMaster product range includes additional productivity features such as a redesigned colour picker, HTML reporting across the network and transparency tools to help accomplish better true shape nesting. It also adds support for various new devices, such as the EPSON SC-S306x0 series or new HP DesignJet devices.

PrintFactory, the most complete production solution for large format printing, can print jobs as they are being processed, driving over 700 different printing, cutting and CTS devices. PrintFactory not only increases productivity and operator flexibility, it also allows to produce more efficiently. The advanced colour engine can easily introduce proofing in workflows, reducing waste of expensive production media and ink. With PrintFactory, a predictable and consistent output is generated and colour consistency can be achieved on different machines.

PrintFactory and ProofMaster 4.3 introduce an HTML-based log issued by the RIP that can be consulted through a regular web browser by everyone from any computer. To ensure full support for new computers, these releases drop support for PowerPC macs. The new release also include over 200 problem and stability fixes.

The enhanced Media Manager allows importing or exporting a set list of materials that can be printed on, making it easier to exchange this between different printers. The Media Manager now also features Spot color Editor invocation, a duplicate mode and an information pane.

PrintFactory & ProofMaster 4.3 Editor – Verification, correction and production preparation

Whether you need to combine and correct multiple jobs, make edits on colour, masks, shapes, scaling, rotation, mirroring, create tiles or place grommets, with the PrintFactory Editor all the job preparation and correction tools are only a click away. The new PrintFactory and ProofMaster Editor 4.3 feature a redesigned Color Swatch palette with an integrated Color Picker and a Make-Transparent tool. Transparent areas can now be ignored during TrueShape nesting. The optimised Submit Job dialogue features a colour-bar option and allows 180 and 270 degrees job rotation.

PrintFactory & ProofMaster 4.3 Calibrator – easy profile creation

New in the PrintFactory and ProofMaster Calibrator is the option in the Custom Ink Setup to spot the channel type. This channel type is taken into account during linearisation but is excluded during profiling. The new calibrator offers i1 iSis XL support and includes Barbieri USB support on Mac.

Additional support for new printers and cutters

PrintFactory and ProofMaster 4.3 add support for the following devices:

  • EPSON SC-S306x0 series
  • HP Designjet Z5200 and Z6200
  • Agfa Titan series
  • HP Designjet L28500
  • HP Scitex FB 500 and 700
  • Roland LEJ640
  • Roland LEF-12
  • Epson GS6000 CcMmYK mode
  • Aristo AristoMat series
  • Fotoba XL series
  • NeoLT drivers

Prices and availability

Version 4.3 is a free update for all existing 4.x users. This update is immediate available via www.print-factory.net and www.proofmaster.net

It will become available through the automatic update mechanism on 7th June 2012 at 10am CET.

ProofMaster and PrintFactory 4.3 are fully compatible with Mac OS 10.7 – Lion.

drupa news: Enfocus announces commercial release of PitStop Pro 11 & PitStop Server 11

Enfocus Pitstop Pro 11 Boxshot

Enfocus has announced the commercial release of PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11. The PitStop 11 release marks the introduction of 'Smart Preflight & Correction', delivering complete PDF quality control and the ability to fix problems in seconds. It provides users with a flexible solution to preflight and correct PDF files according to their specific production requirements. Visitors keen to discover 'Smart Preflight & Correction' can see demos on stand A23 in hall 8b.

"By introducing ‘Smart Preflight & Correction’ in PitStop 11, we introduce a new era of preflighting and correcting files,” explains Leen Vanmaele, Enfocus product manager. "Until today, a preflight profile could only contain fixed checks and corrections such as image resolution higher than 300 dpi, page size A4,... Users could not take full advantage of PitStop's capabilities because creating specific Preflight Profiles for each job was time-consuming or the situation resulted in having very general Preflight Profiles."

Preflight made specific to each job

"With PitStop 11 and the introduction of Smart Preflight & Correction, these fixed preflight settings are a thing of the past. Preflight Profiles are made dynamic because they match the specific job requirements. This ability delivers unprecedented accuracy with minimal effort," explains Vanmaele. "Smart Corrections are also enabled through Action Lists, which results in higher quality PDF files and enables our users to fully benefit from the technology they already know, in a smart way.”

A new level of automation with PitStop Server 11

While PitStop Pro 11 allows users to enter values specific for each job manually, users enjoy a completely hands-off, new level of automation with PitStop Server 11. This allows users to automate the preflighting and correction of PDF files, driven by job-specific information contained in JDF or XML job tickets.

The new version introduces the concept of 'Variable Sets', a group of variables to be used when preflighting or correcting PDF file. A variable within PitStop Server 11 points to specific information in an XML or JDF job ticket. When the job ticket arrives along with the PDF file, the right values are automatically provided for the preflight check. All customer-specific requirements are checked and corrected without the need for manual intervention. Variables are also supported by Actions Lists allowing job specific corrections. Through the ability to use tickets coming from MIS, web portal or order entry systems, PitStop Server 11 offers significant opportunities to automate high-volume production processes. It allows users to gain competitive edge and win more business. PitStop Server also seamlessly fits into Enfocus Switch to provide preflighting and auto-correction in a fully automated way.

Streamlined interface and smarter text editing

PitStop Pro 11 has an array of enhancements, including:

  • Smart Text Editing – the new Find and Replace Tool lets users quickly locate specific text segments and immediately replace them, which will save them precious time. For example, they can easily correct misspellings globally or apply new branding styles.
  • Merge characters and words into text lines – a new tool that makes text manipulation easy, allowing users to automatically re-merge split text segments into a single line. This new feature eliminates the struggle to work with separate text segments and provides a more comfortable way to correct mistakes, edit and reposition text.
  • The improved Preflight Profile Editor gives users a clearer overview of the checks and corrections in their Preflight Profile, while the streamlined Navigator affords a clearer view of their PDF throughout the review process.

PitStop Server 11 also comes with new features, notably:

  • Find Text Action – this new action allows users to easily adjust specific text to a new branding style, or ensure specific text fragments are mentioned, such as legal phrases. By merging characters and words into single text lines, users avoid problems with overlapping text when reformatting or correcting text fragments afterwards.
  • A new and streamlined interface in the Preflight Profile Editor of PitStop Server 11 has been developed to make editing easier and have a better overview.


PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11 are available immediately. With the release of PitStop Server 11 the product also becomes available in Dutch. The fully functional versions can be downloaded from the Enfocus website www.enfocus.com.

Agfa Graphics to launch :Apogee Suite 8.0 prepress workflow at drupa 2012

Agfa Apogee8

Agfa Graphics will launch the next generation of its award-winning prepress workflow, :Apogee Suite 8.0, at drupa 2012.  Featuring new tools designed to help printers in offset and digital print or hybrid environments become more innovative, it interacts more efficiently internally and with their customers while optimising every step in the production process. :Apogee Suite 8.0 will be running live and available for demonstrations at the company’s stand at drupa (Düsseldorf, Germany May 3 – 16, Hall 8A) and will be available for purchase in the third quarter 2012.

Among the innovations in :Apogee Suite 8.0 is the new interactive :Apogee StoreFront, the new cloud-based, web-to-print solution. :Apogee StoreFront makes it easy to set up online stores for both printed and non-printed products. Seamless integration with :Apogee Prepress or any other workflow software ensure that orders are automatically downloaded and setup for production based on job specifications. Because it is cloud based and easy to use, printers can launch multiple, customised storefronts with no additional staff or costly infrastructure investment. :Apogee StoreFront gives printers the means to reach new markets and enrich customer experience, thus expanding business.

:Apogee Impose now supports web offset printing. Designed for the specific needs of web printing operations, this unique rule-based imposition software takes all specifications into account, including web folding and finishing requirements, to generate the optimal imposition scheme. A last minute change of press is no problem for :Apogee Impose. Plus, it supports single, dual and multiple web deliveries. :Apogee Impose lowers setup cost while delivering the level of automation web printers demand.

A new Merge Jobs function lets :Apogee 8 determine which jobs can be combined in one production run. This cuts costs by optimising press runs. An innovative algorithm places different jobs on the sheet in the most optimal manner.  As a result, there are fewer cuts which translates to less paper waste.

“:Apogee 8 is loaded with innovations that cater to every type of operation—sheet and web offset as well as hybrid operations including wide format. New 64-bit support combined with virtualisation (VMWare) lets high-volume printers consolidate processing. Other tools reduce costs with efficient output management such as the job merge function. All of these improvements are the result of carefully listening to our customers all over the world and incorporating their feedback,” said Andy Grant, head of software, Agfa Graphics, worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.agfa.com

Special offers and live demos of Corel X6 at Sign & Digital 2012

Corel Signuk

Following the successful launch of CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite X6 earlier this week, Corel has announced it is now planning to attend Sign & Digital UK 2012 (stand C38.)

Sign & Digital UK celebrates its 25th anniversary providing Corel with the perfect platform to demonstrate the latest version of its flagship product. The show offers exclusive access to the sign making and digital printing industries' latest innovative products, technologies, services and applications and is seen as the leading event of its type in the UK.

James Phillips, Corel's marketing manager - who will be attending the event - comments, “The sign industry is a very important market for CorelDRAW and we look forward to demonstrating the significantly improved workflow, performance and raft of new features in our latest version. CorelDRAW continues to be the leading graphics solution for those in production-related businesses. We will be offering exclusive demonstrations and tutorials to visitors showing how they can achieve their goals in their daily work as quickly and easily as possible.”

Visitors can meet the Corel team at stand C38 in Hall 3, where the company will be showcasing CorelDRAW X6 for the first time, running live demos every day in the Corel theatre. Visitors are also invited to speak with Corel’s experts and take part in free tutorials tailored to the requirements of the sign making and embroidery industry.

Exclusive special offer at the show – Free Corel AfterShot Pro worth £79.99

Visitors to the show who purchase the full version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 will also be given a free boxed copy of Corel® AfterShot Pro, a fast and flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive editing and complete RAW processing for more professional photos, worth £79.99. This exclusive offer will only be available from registered resellers exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK: Radecal Signs on stand H30, and Signmaster Systems Ltd on stand N20.