24 Jan 2022
From the very beginning, Super-Wide Digital had a goal of becoming a leading player in the large and super-wide format print markets.

LFR Spotlight on trade supplier Super-Wide Digital

From the very beginning, Super-Wide Digital had a goal of becoming a leading player in the large and super-wide format print markets. Founded 21 years ago by Anthony Drogan, the Lancashire-based business has grown over the intervening years to the point where it can position itself as a ‘one stop shop’ for just about any wide-format application you can think of.

Recent research published by Ricoh Europe found that one in four business leaders believe that their organisation cannot make improvements in terms of reducing their impact on the environment.

Ricoh responds to market demand with sustainable solutions

Sustainability is, and will continue to be for many years to come, an incredibly important factor for print service providers, no matter the size of their business or the markets in which they operate.

The Green Revolution: How microfactories can change the face of fashion.

How microfactories can change the face of fashion

With the all-important COP26 Climate Change Conference having taken centre stage in November, there is no time like the present for the fashion world to rally together in stepping up sustainability efforts and getting carbon emissions under control.

At HP, we offer a wide range of wide-format print solutions, each designed to help customers produce quality print every time across all types of applications within wide-format markets.

How to maximise profits with wide-format print

Wide-format print has been regarded as a key growth market for some time now, with a huge range of work on offer for companies active in this sector. However, as more businesses move into the market, competition for work intensifies and print companies are having to be clever about the way they operate to maximise their profits.

Decorative films can transform stark interiors, change the brightness of a room and act as an element that ties together disparate objects.

Explore the great indoors with décor print

Matt Manteit, International Sales Manager at Neschen Coating GmbH, explores the world of décor print and highlights some of the key factors to look out for when selecting films for this sort of work.

After years of testing and researching, Agfa started developing speciality inks for the flooring and surfaces industry.

Mike Horsten is seeing graphics everywhere on every surface

If you look around you, you’ll soon see that printed graphics are everywhere. On the floor, the wall and the table. In kitchens, offices and bathrooms. They are, in fact, omnipresent.