30 Jan 2023
A direct link between marketing performance and business success should be established by setting realistic and relevant business priorities and marketing objectives.

How to ensure your marketing is fully optimised

Marketing is a continual process of optimisation. Every time you publish a campaign, post a message, or pick up the phone to a client you should increase impact, awareness, response, conversion, or retention. That is according to Optimise, the sixth book in Ricoh’s Guides to Modern Marketing series.

Season’s GREENings: On-demand apparel production means efficiency, sustainability, and growth during your busiest season.

On-demand apparel production during your busiest season

No matter what you’re producing, or for whom, that phrase likely conjures up a specific time of year in your mind.

Drytac has several solutions that are cold weather install rated down to as cold as -20˚C (-4˚F).

Drytac details key points when applying graphics during winter

With the chill of winter now very much in the air, the minds of print service providers, sign-makers and specialist installers begin to turn to how they are going to cope with installing graphics in cold conditions.

Supply chains are better today because companies have learned the value of open communication with their suppliers.

Nazdar blog on Logistics: How to overcome shortages?

It is well known that supply chains have been a challenge of late due to multiple factors. In the following blog, Judy Heft, Supply Chain Director at Nazdar, explains how the company successfully adapted its operations to overcome these testing times. She says:

No matter what size your business is, your brand is the most important investment you’ll make.

Ricoh blog on Why your brand is your most precious asset

How healthy is your brand? Is it flourishing or languishing? These may not be questions that print business executives ask themselves often. But they should be.

Ricoh practices environmental management and aims to virtually eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Ricoh’s long-term plan for a sustainable future

Sustainability has been a major buzzword in the print industry for a number of years now as print service providers (PSPs) adapt the way they operate in order to reduce their impact on the environment and satisfy the rising customer demand for greener print.