04 Oct 2022
If your printer does not operate in line with the environmental expectations of green-minded customers, then the chances are they will not return.

LFR ask - When is the right time to upgrade your printer?

While all print service providers are acutely aware of the importance of upgrading their equipment, the real challenge is knowing when to do so. Investing in new technology of any kind is often a costly and timely process, so timing this right is absolutely crucial to ensure the purchase is both successful and beneficial for a business.

The Graphical Tree made a conscious decision when choosing our second production site in West London as it offers in-house energy generation through solar power.

Sustainable print is a social responsibility

How is the large format print industry doing re-sustainability?
The large format print industry is making significant inroads into its sustainable practices and eco offering. It's been trying for years but we felt with very little traction.

At Nazdar, we are fiercely committed to being a leader in the industry by reducing the environmental impact of operations, preventing pollution, and providing safe products for our customers/partners.

Nazdar - How does an ink company achieve sustainability?

Operating a sustainable business is enormously important to companies of all shapes and sizes and across all sectors in the modern market. Customer demand for greener services is on the rise, and, as such, the pressure on businesses to become more environmentally friendly is also increasing.

Drytac has just released its latest blog focused on transitioning from a ‘just in time’ to a ‘just in case’ supply chain model.

Drytac - Transitioning from ‘Just in Time’ to ‘Just in Case’

Whether you are working in the print industry or another sector, it is highly likely that you will have been impacted by the well-documented supply chain issues and raw material shortages in recent years.

HP Latex has seen developments with much work being done on bio-based solvent and vegetable oil inks.

LFR on the now unavoidable need for greener printing

‘Sustainability’, ‘green’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ have been among some of the key buzzwords in the print industry in recent years - and even more as we move in to the post-pandemic era - as an increasing amount of printing businesses adjust the way they operate to adopt more planet friendly practices.

Perhaps no Kornit partner exemplifies this proposition better than Fashion-Enter, which employs both Kornit DTG and direct-to-fabric production systems to educate.

Kornit on-demand production facilitates reshoring opportunity

A recent article in Vogue Business, “Could Digital Printing Ease Supply Chain Disruptions,” observes the trend of bringing major manufacturing operations back to EMEA, briefly seen as a stopgap measure to mitigate complications arising from the pandemic economy.