31 May 2023

ArtSystems on the lasting legacy of Summa cutting technology

ArtSystems Blog: Building a lasting legacy with Summa cutting technology.

A proven, trusted and reliable brand within the cutting solutions segment, Summa has made a significant impact on the industry since launching in the early 1970s, supplying the market with innovative solutions on a regular basis.

Celebrating 50 years in business this year, Summa’s technology has been rolled out by printers and sign-makers around the world, thanks in part to the manufacturer’s worldwide network of approved partners, including ArtSystems in the UK.

But what has driven this success for Summa? What is it that the manufacturer does to ensure that its technology stands out in a busy market, and how is it planning to continue this development in the years ahead?

Quality and durability

While Summa has remained true to its Belgian roots, innovating and manufacturing from a specialist facility in the country, at the same time the company has established new locations to further its development. A site in the US serves as the headquarters for Summa America, while its laser division is based at a facility in the UK.

What all three of these locations have in common is a commitment to quality and durability, which Summa has become known for over the years. Continuous research and product development has allowed Summa to build on its technology and react to demand by launching new products to help their customers grow.

Creating value

Summa strongly believes that the most effective way to develop new solutions that will create value for users is to listen to what customers are saying. Summa and its partners are constantly in contact to ensure they are supplying the market with the products they need to address the latest trends in the wider industry.

This approach can be seen in Summa’s current product portfolio. The diverse range of vinyl cutters, flatbed cutters and laser cutters are testament to Summa’s commitment to deliver the solutions that will be most effective for users, and ones that will allow them to grow as a business.


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At the heart of Summa’s success is a sense of teamwork, not just among those who work directly for Summa, but also its partners in regions around the world that share the manufacturer’s ongoing desire to evolve its technology to meet changing market demands.

Each member of the Summa family cares about the customer and is committed to assisting them in any way they can. Whether it’s help selecting a product, answering queries during installation, or offering advice on a machine that is already running, Summa is there to support the customer at every step.

Authored by John Draycott, Marketing Manager at ArtSystems.


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