“Being an oddity in print is what’s keeping us on our toes”

Being an oddity in print is what’s keeping us on our toes.

By Johan Bonner, General Manager at Squid (https://squid-belgium.be/en/) It’s no secret that Squid does things a little differently when it comes to marrying the world of print and interior design.

But that difference hasn’t put us at a disadvantage - in fact, being ‘the one on the outside looking in’ has given us a unique perspective that provides our customers an affordable and empowering way to personalise any interior space - one surface at a time.

We’ve hit the ground running in the print market as of late, and we’re only gaining more ground. That’s because we’re always ready to share some of our secrets to success in the interior design scene with our print peers. I’ve already had the pleasure of showcasing how we’re using our unique insight at Pure Digital 2018 and at FESPA, and it’s this open approach to best practice that ties right into Squid’s continued growth.

Shall I let you in on a little secret or three?

1. Keep a helicopter overview from the ground up.

We’re learning all the time from the world of print, sharing our experiences in architecture, textiles and interiors, while absorbing the challenges, the successes and the missteps that shape our experience so far. Having such open conversations might seem out of the ordinary, but it’s a mindset that continuously broadens our understanding of how the print market is changing. We never lose touch with what’s happening on the floor, and always keep this experience in mind for next-level strategies. It enables us to share and evolve best practice. There’s always a lesson to be learned, and we’re not afraid of being both teacher and student.

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2. Future-proof your distribution model.

Traditionally, the distribution model is a one-direction linear one: supplier, distributor, customer. At Squid, we believe thinking in terms of B2B and B2C stops you from seeing the bigger picture. That’s why we live and work by the B2A (Business to All) formula - something no one else in print is doing right now. Everyone interacts with everyone. It’s a bold decision, but we want to be daring in everything we do, so valorising mixed distribution is a testament to our ‘doing things differently‘ take on business.

By working with exclusive distributors and making the most of selective distribution models, we’re ensuring everyone involved services the right clients for them. It’s a method that removes much of the needless competition between these businesses; and creates a synergy that benefits everyone involved.

There’s an ulterior motive, of course. We don’t just want to form business relationships with our distributors - we want to help future-proof them, and it’s starting to pay off. Many of our print partners are now even attending big design shows, enabling them to showcase their print experience and expertise beyond the print shows they’re used to.

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3. Dare to accelerate.

You shouldn’t be afraid to move fast when you need to. Momentum can be a powerful thing, especially when you’ve got a product and a vision you believe in. Over the past three years, we’ve swiftly raised Squid from a simple idea to global brand. Our distribution model is as unique as the insights and capacities we’ve collated in that time. Our next step will be to use our acceleration gains to take a lead in multiple disciplines, such as digital marketing, and drive ourselves onwards and upwards. I’m a firm believer in increasing your profit exponentially by turning your competitive advantage in a multiplier. If not, why bother?

Tell me – are we odd or are we onto something here?
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Johan Bonner