21 Feb 2024

Laying the foundation for innovation with ArtSystems and Sihl

LFR Spotlight feature on Sihl: Laying the foundation for innovative trends with ArtSystems and Sihl.

Addressing the ever-changing requirements of customers across a wide range of industries, while at the same time ensuring you deliver sustainable solutions to these clients, is no easy task for the modern print service provider.

As a specialist systems distributor and service provider, ArtSystems can help customers to identify the solutions they need to meet these demands. For those clients seeking innovative products with sustainable qualities, they need look no further than Sihl.

Available in the UK from ArtSystems, Sihl’s collection of advertising and signage media includes a host of products suitable for use in all sorts of projects such as exhibition stands, banners, posters, shop window displays, sales room applications and other advertising spaces.

The primary aims of these types of applications is to attract the attention of passers-by. In today’s modern and fast-paced world, it is critical that these printed pieces of work “shout” to consumers and do enough to draw them to the display and the message it is trying to convey.

Sihl media allows you to do exactly this. With its multitude of inkjet print media specifically designed for advertising technology and signage, Sihl offers the right material for every point of sale to ensure effective and eye-catching advertising.

Connecting with consumers

Take for example Sihl’s self-adhesive media products; these are ideally suited to wall, window and floor graphics – all of which are applications that are becoming increasingly popular among brands seeking to connect with customers in new and innovative ways.

With self-adhesive media from Sihl for lettering and signs, these areas become real eye-catchers. No matter whether for a short or long-term application, indoors or outdoors, permanently adhesive or removable, Sihl offers the right material for every advertising application.

These vinyl and polypropylene films offer incredible colour reproduction, while some are also fire protection certified with B1 and others splash-proof, therefore making them suitable for short-term outdoor use. The permanent adhesive photo and poster papers are ideal for long-term signage, while with WallGrafX Prime 240 FR, there is a removable, tear-resistant and planet-friendly textile.

Going further into the portfolio, Sihl backlit media offers brilliant colours, deep blackness, excellent contrast and a high radiance, making them the ideal solution for lightbox and shop window adverts that will attract the attention of anyone passing by.

Sihl backlit media is also tear- and scratch-resistant, dimensionally stable and splash-proof, meaning they can be used either inside or outdoors in almost any environment.

Sustainable advertising

Then there is Greengrafx, Sihl’s new line of sustainable, PVC-free, self-adhesive papers and foils that are ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor advertising applications.

Introduced last month at FESPA 2022, the new product line comprises three grades, all of which not only offer excellent environmentally friendly benefits as PVC-free products, but are also self-adhesive, meaning they can be applied very easily across a range of applications.

GreenGrafX TriSolve Prime BB is well suited to applications such as billboards and exhibition walls, being both weather and water resistant, while it is compatible with solvent, latex and UV-curable inks. The water-based permanent acrylic adhesive adheres to almost all smooth, clean surfaces, allowing the material to be used in a variety of ways.

GreenGrafX TriSolve Prime 135 P-CA Glossy offers many of the same qualities, but with a glossy finish. Its scratch-resistant, water-repellent surface means it can be used for both short- and medium-term outdoor applications.

The third product in this line is GreenGrafX PP Prime EasyTack, suited for environmentally friendly POS applications. The PVC-free and easy-to-adhere polypropylene film has a paper-like feel while the EasyTack adhesive enables simple and bubble-free adhesion as well as residue-free removal from smooth surfaces.

Quality results every time

Turning to Sihl’s films and banner media, these products not only ensure that the application is eye-catching, but also deliver good image sharpness, high resolution, brilliant colour reproduction and optimal flatness in the final print.

Polypropylene films in this range are the best choice for short- to medium-term use outdoors, as their high scratch resistance and splash water resistance make them suitable for use outside. While for those seeking a thicker material, Sihl banner media offers incredible levels of tear resistance.

For larger-format work such as billboards and posters, Sihl has the solution across its range of papers, with products in this collection guaranteeing to deliver excellent colour reproduction on media that is water-resistant.

Whether matt, glossy or satin, opaque thanks to the blue back, for indoor or outdoor use and various thicknesses, you will find the right solution for your application in the Sihl range. Furthermore, all the papers in this collection are FSC-certified, meaning you not only guarantee stunning quality for customers, but also a planet-friendly solution.


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Going larger still and the Sihl gross-format coated photo paper range includes media that offers brilliant colours, high resolution and excellent edge sharpness – even for the grandest of applications. These high-quality PE-coated photo papers are the ideal choice for photo and poster applications in the advertising sector. Alongside their FSC certification, these papers are suitable for use with solvent, latex and UV print technologies, while their water-repellent surface means they can be used outside and retain their high-quality look.

As a technology company, Sihl does not stand still. Innovation is in its DNA, and it continues to work on new products that will help customers continue to address the constantly changing needs and demands.

No matter who your client is or what industry they work in, as a specialist in future-proof products, Sihl will have the right product for the job that not only delivers high-quality print, but a solution that is sustainable and adds attractive planet-friendly credentials to your business and printing services.

And – for UK customers – you can buy these solutions from ArtSystems stock for delivery next day and benefit from the unrivalled support delivered by both companies.