05 Dec 2021

Spotlight on Nazdar's Laura Maybaum: a passion for print

Nazdar Laura Maybaum LFR

Earlier this year, Nazdar Ink Technologies promoted Laura Maybaum to Director of Product Marketing – a position perfectly suited to her passion for print.

Laura has been part of the Nazdar team for 15 years, most recently managing product life cycles and consistently hitting the leading ink manufacturer's targets for marketing, financial and corporate growth. As Director of Product Marketing, Laura is sharing her expertise and enthusiasm in a new way – introducing Nazdar's complete product portfolio to print businesses across the globe.

On her appointment, James MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing for Nazdar Ink Technologies, commented: "Laura has demonstrated that she has the key skills, knowledge and passion required to successfully manage the complete product portfolio for Nazdar Ink Technologies."

Indeed, Laura's commitment to print and interest in speciality applications goes all the way back to her BSc in Print Production Management at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA and she cites Associate Professor Dr. Donna Trautman as her mentor.

Fast-forward 25 years, and Laura has now been selected as Vice-Chairman for the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technology, while also serving on the SGIA Board of Directors, the SGIA Printed Electronic Committee and the inaugural SGIA Women in Print Committee.

Laura's enthusiasm for print and ink has also been caught by her family. "I have a nine-year-old daughter, Ellie, who loves that I am in print," she says.

"She thinks there should be an 'Inker's Day' for all the people that make ink for the world. Kind of like Mother's Day or Father's Day. And every trade show, she encourages me to make more 'ink friends'. She is great."

Nazdar certainly has plenty of 'ink friends' across the world. Its full R&D teams in the UK and USA work to develop the highest quality ink formulations in a huge range of applications, technologies and chemistries, collaborating with OEMs to produce inks for specific hardware, and PSPs and blue-chip clients for specialist applications.

Laura will be promoting Nazdar's excellence in the development of new formulations and full portfolio of established inks for UV-curing, water-based and solvent-based screen printing, and inkjet and narrow web inks, so expect to see her at trade events across the world.

[Picture caption: Laura Maybaum is now Director of Product Marketing at Nazdar Ink Technologies]