21 Feb 2024

What is the industry printing? Soyang Europe reveals all

What is the industry printing? Soyang Europe reveals all.

Soyang Europe, the leading manufacturer and distributor of digitally printable wide-format and superwide-format media and surface coverings, and – through the acquisition of Josero – a supplier of leading edge wide and superwide-format print production hardware solutions from many of the industry’s biggest and best-known printer brands, is offering an insight into current industry trends by sharing a list of its best-selling materials over the past 12 months.

Working with customers across a wide range of markets, Soyang Europe is in an excellent position to offer opinion on which markets are experiencing the highest level of activity, as well as those that may offer the most attractive expansion options for print companies seeking new sources of revenue.

By setting out its 10 best-selling products of the last 12 months, Soyang Europe said this will help its customers, as well as the wider industry, discover where work is available and how they can best grow their businesses.

  • The most popular product of the last 12 months was ST-216 Nightstar Black Back Textile, a specialist material that is available in widths of up to 5m and can be used for UV, Latex and dye-sublimation printing. As such, this makes it an ideal choice for exhibition, event, display and retail graphics, as well as soft signage in a host of environments.
  • ST-601 Starlight Backlit Textile, the second most popular product, has also been used by customers across these markets. The material is suitable for UV, Latex and dye-sublimation printing.
  • Taking the bronze medal was Polycril GW FR Canvas, a solution commonly used for seamless wallcoverings and exhibition wall graphics across UV and Latex printing.
  • Other stand-out products from the past year included ST-117 Jupiter Display Polyester for projects such as retail graphics and soft signage, as well as Print Floor – PVC supported flooring for exhibition floor graphics and retail displays.
  • Next, ST-601 RCY Starlight Backlit is made from recycled yarns and offers a more planet friendly option to customers, while ST-110 Flag material is a popular choice for all manner of flag print work among the Soyang Europe customer base.
  • Mesh PVC, which is available with a liner up to 3.2m, was used to produce building wraps, Heras fence advertising and banners, while Banner PVC does what it says on the tin and is an effective choice for banner work in all settings.
  • Rounding off the top 10, Soyang Europe’s Stretch Textiles are all an excellent choice for exhibition stands and various types of retail graphics, given that they are available in widths up to 3.2m.

“While we are an incredibly diversified provider and offer solutions for a wide range of clients, we are particularly proud that eight of our top 10 best-selling products were developed by our team here at Soyang Europe,” Soyang Europe Managing Director Mark Mashiter said.

“Added to that, our partnership with Soyang Technologies is a real advantage in terms of continuity, stable product, vertical production and competitive materials with all aspects of production in house.

“Finally, OEKO-TEX, Global Recycling Standard, and SGS-approved testing means our customers can be assured with regards to Soyang’s ability to produce products that meet the EU’s exacting standards.”

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