08 Dec 2021
Chris Green, Head of Channel Visual Communications for Antalis, is urging commercial printers and signmakers who aren’t already doing so to add window signage to their proposition amid a recent spike in demand.

Antalis advises on a ‘Fast Growing Window of Opportunity’

It was in 1909 that the Selfridge’s department store on London’s Oxford Street first opened its doors; and with it, the art of window dressing was introduced to England. Featuring the longest window facade ever seen in Britain, the store achieved instant fame with over 150,000 people visiting the premises by 6.30pm that day – a testament to the power of visual merchandising.

Design world love the concept of structured wallpaper.

Design world love the concept of structured wallpaper

Phew, that was a long but very constructive four days at 100% Design. We have all come away from the show feeling really positive thanks to the reaction we had to our Dimense wallpaper samples.

Dimense Bespoke Wallpaper printer is exactly the sort of product that makes the modern print and graphics companies take note.

We don’t Print - we Create Brands!

Once upon a time, print companies did a whole lot of printing. In fact, printing was pretty much all they did and they did very well out of it thank you very much. The birth of digital printing had the effect of turbo charging the industry.

Drytac window graphic materials are rated for either indoor or outdoor use to help you choose the right media - it's important to ensure a good finish and the required lifespan.

Open a window of opportunity with high-impact graphics

Window graphics can make a big impact for retailers, offices, cafes and plenty of other organisations. The right design, installed correctly using specialised materials, can make a bold and vibrant statement on both external windows and inside a building.

Bruce Ridge has worked with Nazdar in Consulting, Product Training, Product Management, and Sales.

Making Ink Stick - a technical blog by Bruce Ridge of Nazdar

Before inkjet became the dominant printing process, screen printing was the only segment in the world of printing that could and does print on practically anything.

Antalis is urging dealers to make the most of the ‘Antalis Academy’, an initiative which provides training and support to its customers through best practice.

Dealers can ‘up the ante’ by upskilling, says Antalis

With the digital revolution continuing to transform the office supplies market beyond recognition, Antalis is reminding dealers that investing time in learning new skills is the key to unlocking fresh business opportunities.