12 May 2021
Drytac explains how new products imbued with antimicrobial technology can help protect surfaces from bacteria, fungi and mould in between cleaning.

Protecting surfaces with antibacterial and antimicrobial film

Keeping surfaces clean has never been more important. Doors, keypads, counters, tables - anywhere that people touch - must be cleaned regularly. Now there are some new products available that provide additional protection from within.

The HP DesignJet Studio Printer Series comprises the world’s first large-format plotters which combine industry-leading performance, precision and quality.

Is your office a design-led space? You need this finishing touch

For many creative professionals, their office is an extension of their and their brand's identities — which makes it all the more important every item fits the design ethos.

Near shore, far shore, offshore - new textile supply chains

The world has changed and so has garment production. Textile consultant Mike Horsten considers the supply chain approaches that businesses could take.

You can batch-process design files, automate manual tasks, switch to additive technologies for prototyping and use AI to simulate stress testing — but what about printing?

Creating an intelligent workflow with HP DesignJet printers

Increasingly, the best CAD design tools have built-in artificial intelligence which helps designers, engineers and architects find the best forms for their intended purpose, helping shortcut the design cycle.

w3shop by Nettl - the easiest way to an online print shop.

w3shop by Nettl - the easiest way to an online print shop

Now you can use the same web-to-print platform powering printing.com, Nettl.com, Marqetspace and hundreds of online print shops around the world. Create your online print shop in 5 minutes and have it ready to take orders within 48 hours.

A multi-purpose graphics film could seem like a good deal, but you may end up spending more money and time than you bargained for. Jerry Hill from Drytac explains why.

One film does not fit all - Why specialist products pay off

The term 'multi-purpose' sounds great. One product for different applications, helping your business keep costs low and stock keeping units (SKU) simple - what's not to like?