01 Mar 2021
UL 410 is the slip rating used on many floor graphics products - but it's basically a test for standing still. George Sotter, President of Safety Direct America, explains the alternatives.

Don't stand still - floor graphics certifications explained

When choosing floor graphics materials, it is essential they are suitable and safe for their intended environment. Products must adhere well to the floor surface for the desired duration of the project without curling at the edges and have a non-slip surface to prevent accidents.

Large-format digital printing is an ideal fit for the decorative print market. Jane Rixon, Signage and Decoration Business Development Manager, HP Large Format Printing, explains why interior design studios, decorators and PSPs should consider digital.

Dive into décor printing with the latest digital technology

Today's consumers - both businesses and individuals - are looking for ways to put their creative stamp on their spaces. Homes, offices, hotels: people want décor that is customisable and adaptable.

Architecture, construction and engineering are some of the most environmentally conscious sectors — but can they apply their principles to their own working practices? They can now.

Is your practice as sustainable as your principles?

“The best way to predict the future is to design it,” said the ground-breaking American architect Buckminster Fuller. Today’s architects, product designers and engineers seem to have taken him at his word — and the future they are designing is a sustainable one.

Drytac explains how new products imbued with antimicrobial technology can help protect surfaces from bacteria, fungi and mould in between cleaning.

Protecting surfaces with antibacterial and antimicrobial film

Keeping surfaces clean has never been more important. Doors, keypads, counters, tables - anywhere that people touch - must be cleaned regularly. Now there are some new products available that provide additional protection from within.

The HP DesignJet Studio Printer Series comprises the world’s first large-format plotters which combine industry-leading performance, precision and quality.

Is your office a design-led space? You need this finishing touch

For many creative professionals, their office is an extension of their and their brand's identities — which makes it all the more important every item fits the design ethos.

Near shore, far shore, offshore - new textile supply chains

The world has changed and so has garment production. Textile consultant Mike Horsten considers the supply chain approaches that businesses could take.