03 Aug 2021
Lfr Mad Skills

When you get bored learn a new skill for free

Sent home? Self-isolating? It's a truly sh*t situation currently, so the least you deserve is to come out the other end with at least one new skill that benefits you or your business.

Adapting to the working from home life.

Adapting to the working from home life

Over the last few days, given the continuing development of COVID-19, many businesses in the sector have followed (where possible) the Government’s advice to work from home.

The wonderful world of wrapping.

The wonderful world of wrapping

Working in the sign and graphics industry, we’re often expected to think outside of the box. The last time I was at a conference, I was asked if it was possible to wrap ‘an item’ with a nice print or textile fabric.

The basic How-To of buying and installing industrial printers.

The basic How-To of buying and installing industrial printers

Going Big – Buying an industrial printer without getting bitten on the proverbial. Here’s how.

Sportswear is more than just a garment.

Sportswear is more than just a garment

If you’re a sports person, you’re also a print person. You might not realise it, but print is a big deal in sports. Naturally, sportswear comes to mind first, but the bigger picture is much wider than that.

Here at Drytac we have several products which offer excellent performance when these guidelines are followed. Drytac Polar Grip is an 80 micron polymeric PVC film coated with a high coat weight/high strength adhesive.

Drytac Blog wall graphics: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

It's no surprise that over the past decade wall graphics have become more and more relevant. The explosion of higher quality and more affordable large format printers has enabled graphics companies to offer their customers more than just their standard signs, vehicle graphics and posters.