17 Oct 2021
Epic journey through desert and snow proves Drytac Polar Chrome's endurance.

Epic journey proves Drytac Polar Chrome endurance

Drytac's new metallic print media has been put to the test during an epic cross-country journey - and survived.

A comparison of solvent, UV and latex from Granthams who sell them all

Given Granthams credentials as a reputable reseller for Latex, UV and Solvent printers from all of HP, Mimaki and Roland DG, who better to give you an impartial overview?

Drytac has an extensive range of products for every display application - and a team of experts to help you choose the right one. Contact Drytac now to discuss your needs.

Drytac: The hidden cost of 'box movers'

In today's 'show me your invoice, I'll beat it' environment it's difficult to compete against the 'box mover' business model. Everyone wants the lowest price and many people think the product is the only thing that counts, so why pay more?

Jerry Davies explains the 'people first' philosophy at Roland DG UK

Jerry Davies, Managing Director, Roland DG UK has built a team that is dedicated to putting people first, and here he explains more about the philosophy at the core of all that Roland DG UK do.

Another key feature of ReTac's innovative adhesive is that it makes ReTac graphics repositionable too, so if you've applied your sticker in the wrong place or slightly askew you can move and reinstall it without losing adhesion.

Stickers and decals: stay on message without the mess

We've all seen or placed stickers on things like laptop computers, refrigerators or the ubiquitous car bumper. Vibrant, punchy sticker art on items like skateboards - often called slaps - are everywhere. Stickers and decals are a great way to convey a message, to show loyalty to a brand or band, to promote your own business and much more.

To make it simple for you to get into vinyl cutting, Roland DG - a veteran of developing tech solutions that make the world a more awesome place - has put together a guide that talks you through it.

Discover why vinyl is at the cutting edge for creatives

T-shirts and windows and walls, oh my! If you want to make your creative mark you need the right kit. Luckily a new guide from Roland DG shows just how easy it is to grow a business with a vinyl cutter, creating everything from window signage to custom clothing.