22 Jan 2022

Antalis launches interactive online product catalogue

Antalis Online Catalogue

With the rise of e-commerce, the growing demand for live information and the increased desire for 24/7 ordering, an increasing amount of B2B product research and purchasing is now completed online.

In response to this, Antalis has launched The Big Book; a brand new online product catalogue. An easy-to-use digital tool, this flip book allows customers to search Antalis’ extensive range of products.

Customers are able to browse the range, locate specific products or brands through a keyword search tool, download the full catalogue as a PDF and even print individual sections. They can also create their own personalised, downloadable catalogue through Favourites, Digital Post-it Notes and Bookmarks. All of this information can then be shared with colleagues and on social media platforms.

Vinesh Chauhan, Head of Digital at Antalis, comments: “We’re thrilled to have launched our new interactive Big Book. We work in partnership with customers large and small across the UK, many of whom have said that an instant access research tool such as this would simplify the process of browsing the Antalis product range and finding new solutions.

“Of course, we will always recognise that some customers prefer that human contact and like to discuss their orders with our team; as such, we will continue to provide in-depth technical product support. However, the positive feedback received to date about The Big Book clearly demonstrates the value of this interactive platform as part of a suite of customer support tools.”

The Big Book officially launched on 1 May 2017 and all customers have now been migrated from the previous product guide over to the new online catalogue, which can be found at antalis.co.uk