08 Dec 2021

Atech and FTC now confirmed for Sign & Digital UK

Signdigital 2012

Atech Ltd and FTC Ltd have just confirmed they are to exhibit at Sign & Digital UK 2012.  Atech is a specialist large format print and finishing solutions provider; FTC Ltd is a manufacturer of finishing products for the visual communications market.

Atech will be launching a new Bobis multi-applicator table with LED backlit table. The Bobis multi-applicator table offers an affordable solution to mounting and finishing large signs and can be used for all types self-adhesive applications including banners, signs, glass manifestation application, colouring of large areas and application on all kinds of substrates up to six centimetres thick.

The large flat bed provides an ergonomic work station and helps create a safer and healthier working environment for your creative team. The new LED backlit table makes more complicated jobs much easier and the LEDs are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Atech will also be showing the Cronos V industrial sewing machine for attaching Keder to fabric quickly and with ease. The Cronos-V is an ergonomic double needle, operator friendly sewing workstation that also creates professional seams on items such as flags and banners and it has a conveyor transport belt that is synchronized with the sewing. In addition, Atech will be selling the Handi range of Big Squeegee hand-held laminators for easy application of vinyl and their Handi range of eyeleting machines and the Sonicut 400 ultrasonic hand-held cutter & sealer for fabric.

FTC will also be demonstrating the Apollo vertical cutter which offers a high degree of performance and accuracy.  A truly affordable finishing solution for any sign making business, the Apollo is designed to cut cleanly, accurately, without dust and without noise. Its interchangeable tool cartridges (each cartridge can be changed in less than 10 seconds) mean that you only buy the tools you need.

The Apollo comes as standard with the utility blade cartridge (4160) and optional cartridges are available for cutting aluminium composites (4161), for 'V' grooving aluminium composites (4162), and for scoring acrylics (4163). The cartridge system means that new tools can be developed for new materials giving the Apollo virtually unlimited scalability.

FTC is also showing the ATC UV-24SR liquid coater and its new 1.6m wide laminator in addition to three straight edge cutters – the Artemis, the Kronos and the Europa.

The Artemis is a top quality straight edge that has been engineered in extruded aluminium and anodised for lasting protection. The Artemis has been shaped to help focus downward pressure on clamping the workpiece and to protect fingers against any tool slippages. The underside features two full length silicon inserts to assist gripping and to provide essential protection for sensitive surfaces. A full length dual metric/imperial scale is fitted along the front edge and a press-fit stainless steel bead helps to protect the aluminium edge from blade damage. The Artemis is an essential aid for cutting, scoring and pen lining, and is available in 6 lengths from 60cm (24") to 300cm (120").

The Kronos is Trimalco’s general purpose cutter.  The strong and stable anodised aluminium base incorporates a narrow groove that safely accepts the blade tip during cutting and provides the perfect foundation for your work.  The Kronos features a hinge and lift arm assembly designed to allow the cutter to accept materials longer than itself.  It is available in six standard sizes from 60cm (24”) to 300cm (120”).

The Europa is Trimalco’s large format cutting system comprises a number of interacting products which together offer a high degree of performance and accuracy at a price unmatched by any other.  The cutting head, which is common to all Trimalco cutter rails, includes a magnetic blade magazine which accepts standard utility blades and standard scoring blades.  A 45mm (1¾”) textile cutting wheel and holder is included as standard.

For more information, on Atech, please visit www.atech.co.uk

For more information on FTC, please visit www.ftcuk.com.