24 Oct 2021

BAF Graphics employs unique printing technique at Woodland Trust head office

Woodland Trust

BAF Graphics, working together with Architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, has successfully implemented a unique printing technique while working on a project for the Woodland Trust headquarters in Grantham, UK. As well as digitally printing new wallcoverings for the premises, using its in-house expertise it was also able to print directly onto acoustic panels manufactured by Ecophon.

To fit with the culture of the company, the Woodland Trust head office was designed to be a very eco-friendly building. The brief for the interior design & print was to make sure that it not only provided an inspirational place to work, but also demonstrated an innovative response to both the current and future operational needs of the organisation.

Very large acoustic panels had already been chosen by the Woodland Trust to help inhibit noise within the office, and BAF Graphics suggested that these panels could be directly printed onto without impacting their acoustic ability, to allow them to fit seamlessly within the overall design of the offices. This was a technique that had never been tried before.

Using its direct to media digital print technology on its Durst Rho, BAF Graphics worked closely with the acoustic panel manufacturer, Ecophon, to test and then sensitively print woodland scenes directly on all of the panels.

“While we are used to producing many and varied wide format prints for our customer base, it was the first time we had tried to print directly to an acoustic panel,” comments Chris Holland, New Business Development Manager at BAF Graphics. “We were positive that using our in-house expertise it would work, but before doing the final printing stage we collaborated with Ecophon to ensure they were completely satisfied that the acoustic quality was not impaired.”

”Acoustics and aesthetics were a hugely important element to this project,” comments Steve Edwards, Area Sales Manager at Ecophon. “Working together with BAF and the architects we achieved a great finished design that everyone was delighted with.”

“We were very impressed with the suggestions that BAF put forward in terms of how the wallcoverings would work,” said Matt Vaudin, Architect at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios. “It made complete sense to bring the panels in line with the rest of the interior design but it’s a very delicate printing technique. Ecophon was particularly keen that all acoustic properties remained the same, and BAF Graphics worked closely with them to ensure this was the case. The result is a visually stunning office with the necessary noise reductions in place."

“We are absolutely delighted with our new office environment,” concludes Mandy Loose, Facilities Manager at Woodland Trust. “The fact that the design could be carried through to the special panels we had chosen to minimise noise in the office was a major bonus. The combined expertise of our architects with Ecophon and BAF Graphics has really helped to make our headquarters an office to be proud of.”