10 Aug 2022

Bespoke HFC flag now flies over Brixton

Hampshire Flag Company has played a pivotal role in helping to bring the people of Brixton together by producing a brand new flag.  Local Brixton residents were asked to design a flag by filmmakers Will Aspinall and Neil Arun, also known as Breakaway Brixton, and around 100 ideas were submitted.  Will and Neil asked the leading flag manufacturer to turn the winning design into a real life flag and then filmed it being produced.

The footage features in a 24 minute documentary Unflappable, along with names of some of the Hampshire Flag team members in the credits.

“Hampshire Flag’s generous support and willingness to let us film the flag being made is greatly appreciated. It was fantastic to visit the firm and to meet the team – everyone was very generous with their time,” said Will.  “The finished flag looks fantastic – vibrant, bold and colourful – and we are delighted with how Hampshire Flag produced the flag.”

Unflappable premiered at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton and the flag now flies over Brixton’s Windrush Square.  Graham Wilkinson, Hampshire Flag’s Managing Director said, “We produce flags for an array of fascinating events and causes, and this was no exception. It was great to have Will and Neil visit us, and it’s exciting that one of our flags has made it on to the silver screen and is now flying in Brixton.”

[photo shows Will Aspinall and Neil Arun with the Brixton flag]