10 Aug 2022

Blink and you certainly won't miss this bridge...

Blink Giant Media, a display specialist, working in super-wide format print, signage and special event branding, has worked with the UK-based visual artist Natasha Rosling to display a newly commissioned piece of art for Kunst aan de Schinkel, an outdoor art exhibition in Amsterdam.

The installation uses Blink’s expertise in super wide format printing and its experience in hanging posters and artworks in complex outdoor situations. Blink worked with the artist over a few months, looking into the feasibility and practicality of the project, and facilitating the artist’s vision.

Natasha' artwork spans the arms of a drawbridge in Amsterdam and when the bridge is closed the work hangs in four equal vertical strips, yet when the bridge opens they form a horizontal field and a collage of contrasting visual surfaces. The movement of the bridge creates a sense of animation. Rosling based her installation on the existing physical components and elements of the bridge and its surroundings.

Kunst aan de Schinkel, or Art along the Schinkel (KadS), is an outdoor art exhibition along the Schinkel canal in south Amsterdam. The pieces have been specifically created for this exhibition and they are by twenty young and established national and international artists, and include installations, performance art and workshops. The event was sponsored by Stichting Kunst aan de Schinkel (Foundation Kunst aan de Schinkel or Foundation KadS).

Rosling, who specialises in large, brightly-coloured and striking indoor and outdoor artworks, commented: ‘Blink has been an incredible resource for me, providing the technical know-how and support to realise ambitious works that for me alone would be a logistical nightmare. The company has a great balance for creativity and pragmatism - it is great to share skills with a team that thinks outside the box and is passionate to push the boundaries of its own field.’

Steve Wilkinson, director of Blink said, “The biggest challenge we faced was calculating how the artwork could be best displayed on a cantilevered bridge. There are all sorts of dynamics involved to ensure that the artwork and the bridge can both function correctly and in harmony with one another. We worked with Rosling from an engineering perspective to facilitate the installation of the piece and we are delighted with the results.”

In addition to this, Blink Giant Media is helping Natasha Rosling to produce a series of works for the Jeu de Paume’s platform, Blow-Up, for which the artist is intervening with various media-zones through a series of public performances and large format installations.

[Above pictures shows bridge both closed and open.  Below picture shows the artwork created by Natasha Rosling]