24 Oct 2021

Brand.it Furniture kits out FESPA's Printeriors Cafe


Brandžit Furniture, the brainchild of iconic sixties furniture designer David Bartlett, is providing printed cardboard chairs and tables for the Printeriors Café at FESPA.  The chairs are much more robust than they initially appear - a “fuller figured” gentleman of some stature remarked that he weighs 130 kilos and was amazed at the stability, rigidity and comfort of the chair. Sitting really is believing!

Brandžit Furniture offers a stylish range of printed cardboard pop-up furniture for events, exhibitions and retail shops. There is also a collection of children’s furniture and paper sculpture toys.

All products are available under a cost effective one-off fee licencing agreement (includes design files, cutter guides, assembly instructions and substrate recommendations).  Extremely lightweight and easy to assemble, these products are ideal for commercial wide format printers with cutting equipment wanting to expand their product offerings.

The Sound of Print - Play the Virtual Harp

Bringing print to life, printed cardboard panels form the Brandit Furniture “Sound & Light Experience” dome at FESPA. The panels contain small electronic actuators that magically transform the structure into a loud speaker system. Free floating hand movements are detected by the sensors to produce the tunes.

FESPA cafe Harp LFR

Brand.it Furniture can be found on stand Z110 in Hall 9 at FESPA.

For more information on the company, please visit www.branditfurniture.com