10 Aug 2022

Cartoons come to life with Pixartprinting's MagaZoo

Pixartprinting has created a printed magazine holder made from honeycomb cardboard - the Magazoo.  Ideal for creative outlets, stands and showrooms as well as offices and even homes, MagaZoo is recyclable, durable and features a lightweight chassis created from smooth white 10mm thick paper to provide for a multitude of bespoke graphics on the outside. There is something for everyone: dog, cat, sheep, turtle, gorilla, swan and many other animals.

Magazoo is a functional object, that perfectly fits into Pixartprinting’s range of design objects and furnishings.  Extremely versatile and environmentally friendly, the magazine holder can also be used as a planter.

Printed on a Durst P10 machine, MagaZoo can be ordered online directly through the e-commerce storefront www.pixartprinting.co.uk. The user can chose the preferred shape of the animal and different kinds of personalisation. Select a graphic online from those already proposed by Pixartprinting on the dedicated page or chose your own branded image. In addition you can give free rein to your creativity and “do it yourself” by ordering MagaZoo in a neutral version (white) and then indulge in decoration with paints, colours, application buttons, paper and ribbons. Once the order is completed, delivery will take place wiithin 48 hours.