22 Jan 2022

Chillipepper Signs brands Siltbuster hardware with Metamark M7 vinyl

Metamark Siltbuster LFR

Whether Siltbuster is a familiar name to you or whether it isn’t, chances are you’ve passed some of its hardware on a low-loader making its way along the motorway, and you may have even wondered what it is, and where it’s going. Here’s the answer - we have Siltbuster to thank for the fact that construction sites, among others, can prevent water contamination and stay on good terms with today’s far tighter environmental legislation.

Siltbuster, in turn, has Monmouth-based Chillipepper Signs to thank for its impressive looking hardware being branded. Chillipepper and Siltbuster are practically neighbours and Chillipepper keeps the manufacturer supplied from a long list of available graphics, applied by the Chillipepper team, when it’s time for hardware to leave the factory and begin its journey to the customer or end-user.

Construction site plant leads a hard life and so does the branding it wears. Chillipepper uses Metamark M7 processed on its Summa plotter to produce the Siltbuster graphics and the applied results do the required job and do it well.

Chillipepper Signs has been in the signing business for about thirteen years and has an impressive clientele in the locality and further afield. The company’s work for Siltbuster though has probably been seen in more far-flung places than any other. Siltbuster products are in demand and sold all over the world. Every unit is branded locally by Chillipepper Signs.