22 Jan 2022

Creative FX help launch new Volkswagen Crafter

Creativefx Vw Crafter

Vehicle wrapping specialist, Creative FX, has wrapped 95 Volkswagen Crafters as part of the launch campaign for the new model.

The new VW Crafter, available in showrooms nationwide from August 1st, is set to cause a stir in the van market, as the German manufacturer has set new class standards for emissions and running costs.  The launch campaign, which plays on this, includes text written in a petrol hose and claims ‘our biggest van is more fuel efficient than ever before.’

The vinyl graphics, produced by Creative FX, were printed on to 3M vinyl, guaranteed to last five years, using a Grenadier printer and outdoor inks.  It took four specially trained Creative FX installers four days to apply the graphics to 95 Volkswagen Crafters - 59 in Grimsby and 36 in Sheerness.  The vans have now been distributed to Volkswagen dealers nationwide.

Creative FX is a long-standing partner of Volkswagen.  “We have helped the company to launch a number of new vehicles, including the Caddy Maxi and most recently the new Amarok pick-up truck,” says Creative FX director, Sean Davis.

The previous Crafter model achieved EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) status, but Volkswagen has further improved the van’s environmental credentials with the introduction of a smaller diesel unit, already used in the VW Caddy, Transporter and Amarok pick-up truck. Average fuel economy in the new model is up to 38.7 mpg and emissions have been reduced by over 10 per cent to 199 g/km.