25 Oct 2021

CWES assist AGI Media in becoming the first UK-based company to achieve ISO 12647 print certification


Lance Blizzard (MWV Group Technical Process Manager) and Simon Landau (CWE/GMG Technical Director) with the ISO 12647-2 standards print and proof.


MWV’s AGI Media, a leading supplier of packaging solutions for the media entertainment industry, announced today that its Slough operation has achieved the FOGRA PSO ISO 12647 print certification, making them the first UK-based company to achieve this standard.

FOGRA UK partner City & West End Solutions oversaw the testing, with Simon Landau of CWE having previously assisted AGI with the provision of the necessary technical consultancy and supply of GMG Colour Management Software.

The FOGRA PSO ISO 12647-2 accreditation is primarily focused on the correct, optimised colour for the printing process.  In order to receive this accreditation, many process modules had to be conducted and carried out correctly such as evaluation and selection of materials, correct colour management , the production of contract proofs, measuring control and visual appraisal under standard viewing conditions.  General Manager, Andy Watts, stated “We pride ourselves on producing premium packaging and have embraced standardisation and critical process control to ensure quality and predictable, consistent and repeatable colour results to help build and protect our  customers’ brands.”

The MWV Group has invested heavily with CWE Solutions in GMG’s Print Control & Rapid Check software for press standardisation and GMG Colour Proof for the production of all their colour accurate contract proof’s.

This new certification complements the ISO 12647-7 (proofing process) for closed  loop colour which the company has already achieved.

AGI Slough’s other existing accreditations include:  ISO 14001 environmental  management system; ISO 9001 NQA quality management standard;  FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft);  and the International Safety Award from the British Safety Council in 2008 for safety procedures and working practices.

Additionally, AGI Slough has chain of custody certification from both the FSC and PEFC, which provides third-party validation of MWV’s sustainable fibre sourcing practices, and helps assure customers and consumers of the company's responsible environmental stewardship.