22 Jan 2022

DPI installs Seiko ColorPainter H2-74S printer at Innovate Signs to increase throughput

Seiko H

Digital Print Innovations (DPI) has installed a Seiko ColorPainter H2-74S at Innovate Signs to increase the company's core throughput of in-store graphics. The 1.9m, low-solvent machine is now the mainstay of the Hampshire, UK-based company's full service production facility – and DPI's installation and support service were instrumental to make sure it was up and running as quickly as possible.

Working on European roll-outs for major high street brands requires Innovate Signs to be able to replicate key brand colours perfectly, while remaining price-sensitive with a fast turnaround. Director Lee Devitt was already convinced by the brand, having owned Seiko previously, and by the production speeds of the machine, which can achieve up to 50sq m/hour in eight-colour mode or 100sq m/hour in four-colour mode. The clincher, however, was the value for money provided by buying with DPI.

"It's the first time we've bought a machine with DPI but the experience has been exemplary," comments Lee Devitt, director. "It's been totally different to previous purchases. DPI understands that it's about the bigger picture and not just the bottom line. For example, their team was instrumental in producing colour profiles to make sure our customers didn't notice the difference between our new machine and its predecessor – and they didn't."

DPI's engineers ensured that all colour profiles were in tune with the Seiko H2-74S's ink set, which includes two grey channels (G, LG) for exceptional graduation and achievement of complex monochromatic hues. "We struggled particularly with greys on previous machines; because of the perfect profiling we're now hitting them spot on, but we also have a wider colour gamut to pick from for our other display work," Devitt adds.

The Seiko H2-74S gives the company the flexibility to replicate their success on new substrates, including mesh, textiles, paper, PE, polyester, PVC, transparent PVC/PA, banner, tarpaulin and vinyl. It joins a full kit list that includes a Summa cutter, Seal laminators and a Rollsroller flat-bed applicator; the company not only originates, services and finishes all work in house, but also has a dedicated installation team for its Europe-wide display services.

Devitt, who established the company in 2001 after fifteen years' experience in sign and display graphics, is also seeing the value of proper set-up in the ability to print unattended. "We invested in the H2-74S because we needed to increase our capacity," he explains. "Having everything set up properly from the word go has enabled us to be much more productive, including leaving the machine printing unattended overnight, which was a bit of a gamble before. It's a different animal altogether and we feel like we've maximised what we're getting out of our investment thanks to DPI."

"Equipping a company with a printer shouldn't be a one-off," responds Stewart Bell, managing director of DPI. "The vendor should understand their client's business and help them overcome their main challenges. It was a joy to be able to help Lee and Innovate Signs do just that by giving them exactly what they needed to optimise production and keep their customers happy."