08 Dec 2021

Durst, a leading manufacturer of digital inkjet printers, demonstrates a new way of decorating glass at Glasstec 2010

Durst Rho 700

Durst demonstrates its digital decoration system at Glasstec 2010 in Düsseldorf. Using its Rho 700 flatbed printer and its innovative Sol-Gel ink, Durst will be continuously digitally printing on glass and offering samples for visitors to take away. Durst has over 75 years’ experience of imaging technology and was one of the first companies to perfect large-format digital inkjet printing.

Durst has created an innovative and cost effective solution for digital glass decoration and one that provides flexibility, and the ability to print unique patterns or copy natural patterns such as wood and stone, for example. It also provides the ability to offer exceptionally fast turn round for customers.

The Sol-Gel UV ink supplied by Durst is organically pigmented and offers high ecological standards. Sol-Gel ink actually forms a chemical bond with the glass after heating to 200˚C to provide unique resistance characteristics. Many tests on Durst’s Sol-Gel ink have been conducted and have proven its excellent adhesion, durability and chemical resistance. These tests include the following stability properties:

Water resistance
After immersion in water at room temperature for 72 hours
Result: no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409), no softening of the ink film, no blistering, embrittlement or colour change.

Hot water resistance (in style of ASTM D870-02)
After immersion in water at 65˚C (149˚F) for 30 minutes
Result: no loss in adhesion (Cross Hatch Test EN ISO 2409), no softening of the ink film, no blistering, embrittlement or colour change.

Humidity resistance (according to EN ISO 6270)
Samples exposed at 40˚C to 100% r.H. for 100 hours
Result: no delamination or blistering.

Chemical resistance
Tested with alcohols, glass cleaning agents, commercial bath and shower cleaners, acids (hydrochloric 10%, acetic 5%) and caustic soda (2.3%)
Result: no ink removal.

Weathering resistance (according to EN ISO 11507 and 11341)
Samples exposed to QUVA Light Source, Xenon Light Source (similar to sunlight) and evaluated against colour change and blistering  
Result: inks are suitable for long term indoor applications (˃ 10 years) from a colour fading point of view.

Suitability for Insulation Glass (according to EN 1279 Norm)
Result: all criteria met including fogging test for 16 weeks

As a result of the resistance characteristics of the Sol-Gel inks and digital inkjet technology, the Durst glass decoration system offers new business opportunities for interior design applications. It is capable of full scale production runs of interior fittings for large retail chains or glass furniture, for example, and is also able to produce one-offs and prototypes, such as boutique interiors or temporary outdoor signs. The Sol-Gel ink is available in CMYK with options of White and Satinato, for imitation of satin glass.