24 Oct 2021

Epson produces two Masterclass videos covering image production and digital photo printing

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Epson has produced two Masterclass videos featuring Certified Digigraphie printmaker and artist, Gary Wornell at the Photokina, where he shares how he has produced original works of art using Epson technology, during both the production and printing stages. The Masterclass videos are aimed at photographers, artists and any other creatives that uses print technology to create their work.

The first video in the Masterclass series is an image production tutorial where Gary Wornell provides his top tips for creating the best printed imagery using Epson technology and computer software. Wornell also highlights how you can print on anything from aluminium, to steel, to hand-coated materials using Epson large format printers.  This video can be viewed via the following link:



The second video in the Masterclass series is a digital photo printing tutorial. Here, Gary Wornell tells us about his artistic journey with Epson printers and how he produces his artwork using a range of mediums - together with Epson technology. He also gives useful tips for photographers and artists on how to manipulate colour-representation techniques and printer-function options to produce original works of art.  To view this tutorial, please visit: