24 Jan 2022

Epson wide format technology used for leading photographer's exhibition

Epson Exhibition

Steve McCurry, one of the great masters of photography this century and winner of several World Press Photo Awards, will be exhibiting at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome until 29th April 2012. Featuring over 200 photographs taken during more than 30 years of his extraordinary life as a photographer and reporter, it includes some of McCurry’s most iconic images, including the famous portrait of the Afghan girl with green eyes. In addition, the exhibition offers the opportunity to see a selection of his Italian photographs; a tribute to Italy and the result of his stays in numerous cities and regions, from the Veneto to Sicily.

Steve McCurry has been using Epson technology for several years in his New York studio and chose Epson's Stylus PRO 11880 wide format machine to print more than 50 of his photos especially for the exhibition. Working alongside print shop Berné Art Studio in Varese, McCurry and Epson spent many months painstakingly studying proofs, testing, colour adjustments and fine editing right up to the final prints which, as McCurry himself says, allow him “to see the same colours and feel the same sensations” he remembers when taking the shots.

To recount the process, the exhibition will include screenings of a video called ‘Epson presents Steve McCurry, Making of – 2011’, where, in addition to McCurry’s photographs, Epson technology, inks and papers take a starring role.

The video is available on the following link: http://www.stevemccurryroma.it/allestimento.php?lang=eng

“We have a long history of collaboration with photographers”, said Martin Johns, Market Development Manager, Pro Graphics, Epson UK. “We are proud that Steve McCurry uses Epson technology to capture his extraordinary images and we are happy to support him in his new exhibition in Italy.”

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[Images credited to Steve McCurry exhibition images by Tommaso Martelli]