25 Apr 2024

FaberExposize UK gets festive with Soyang Europe

FaberExposize UK gets festive with Soyang Europe.

Custom flags, banners and large-format print specialist FaberExposize UK recently used ST-100 Diana Soft Backlit from Soyang Europe to produce stunning backlit lightboxes as part of its eye-catching Christmas display.

Based in Leeds, FaberExposize UK works with a number of trusted and reliable materials to deliver high-quality work to customers across a range of markets. In one of its most recent projects, FaberExposize UK drew on both its knowledge and experience of using material provided by Soyang Europe to help create its own stunning Christmas display. The series of backlit display lightboxes have been installed at FaberExposize UK’s premises to celebrate the festive season.


soyang st 100 soft backlit 2

FaberExposize UK has used Soyang’s ST-100 Diana Soft Backlit fabric to create a series of stunning backlit display lightboxes as part of its Christmas display.


For this project, FaberExposize UK opted to work with ST-100 Diana Soft Backlit, a woven-based, lightbox fabric designed for dye-sublimation printing which is available in widths of up to 3.2m. The specialist solution features a tight structure so that almost no light is leaked when the material is used as part of a lightbox application.

The completed backlit display lightboxes project features a range of colourful, festive graphics and accompanying text, wishing staff and visitors to the FaberExposize UK site a happy Christmas.

“ST-100 Diana Soft Backlit tested so well that we decided to use it on our own Christmas display,” FaberExposize UK’s Managing Director Iain Clasper-Cotte said. “We are delighted with how the lightboxes turned out; they look fantastic!”

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