25 Oct 2021

Get your hands on Neschen's stand at Viscom Germany

Neschen Wall Image Pic

According to Neschen, rather than "Get yer hands off'!" it will be very much a case of "Who wants to get their hands on?" on its stand at this year's Viscom in Dusseldorf in October. 

The company believes that a large number of print service providers and the majority of their customers and prospects do not appreciate just how easy it is to print and apply Neschen's digital print media and self-adhesive films.  So, following its experience at earlier shows this year, it is attempting two things to allay any fears and misapprehensions. 

Firstly, the design of its stand - G61 in Hall 8a - will change several times each day of the show, literally before visitors' very eyes.  Staff manning the show will use materials from Neschen's Digital Interior Design range to alter the display panels - changing from depictions of urban townscapes to country landscapes and back again. 

Secondly, visitors to the stand can try applying the films themselves to see how easy the application is.  In this way, Neschen hopes to help them understand how straightforward it is to design and execute their own ideas, which they can then pass on to customers, specifiers and end-users alike. 

In addition to tried and tested media such as 'Erfurt wallpaper CA', two new and easy-to-handle, self-adhesive products will be used in particular:
the digital print film 'solvoprint easy dot 100 PE' and the brand new 'solvoprint event fleece CA adh' which is pre-coated with adhesive. 

As if the walls were not enough, the floor of the stand will be decorated with self-adhesive print media from the Floor Graphics Solutions range, which are both non-slip and also protected from wear with the protective lamination 'filmolux FGS'.   The adhesive formula allows almost residue-free removal of the floor advertising. 

'Our decorating activity on the stand aims to show how easy it is for anyone to apply our media,' explained Sarah Janes, md at Neschen UK, "which means that our products can be used for the quick and easy conversion of any surface to convey marketing and advertising messages." 

The dotted adhesive coating of solvoprint easy dot 100 PE ensures that this medium can be rapidly and easily applied without a squeegee, even by inexperienced hands, resulting in a surface free from blisters und creases.  The air channels also allow the adhesive process to be corrected on nearly all surfaces.  At the end of an event, it can be removed quickly and easily without leaving any residues. 

The comprehensive range of high-quality digital print media and finishing films has been complimented by a further new product: solvoprint easy dot 100 clear.  This transparent film is ideal for glass surfaces.  If printed as a mirror-inverted film, this medium can be used for shop window advertising and applied from the inside.  The self-adhesive film can also be used for stickers such as logos.  After printing, the stickers are simply detached from the film using a cutting plotter. 

To demonstrate its confidence in these new products, solvoprint easy dot 100 clear has been entered into the Best of 2011/LFP competition. 

For more information visit www.neschen.com