24 Oct 2021

Hampshire Flag Company supports expedition to South Pole

Hfc Pole

The Hampshire Flag Company has donated a selection of flags to one man’s adventurous expedition to the South Pole which has raised more than £15,000 for charity.

Matt Elliott took part in ‘The Extreme World Races Centenary Race to the South Pole’ – one of the toughest races in the world and took 12 flags with him, provided by the leading flag manufacturer, to raise money for The Royal British Legion and The Alzheimer’s Society.

Each custom flag was manufactured from a lightweight knitted polyester and printed with the branding of the different businesses which supported Matt’s 40 day expedition to Antarctica during which him skied more than 700km – 100 years after Norwegian explorer Amundsen beat Sir Robert Falcon Scott in their epic duel to the South Pole.

Matt, who is the Operations Director at EBB Paper, said, “It was a real privilege to visit such a beautiful continent at this symbolic time in its history whilst raising money for very worthwhile charities.”

During his expedition Matt endured temperatures as low as -45°C and winds which reached 80kmph. Matt skied on special cross country skis, pulling a pulk (polar sledge) weighing 50kgs. He had to endure 24 hour daylight as he slept every night in a specially designed polar tent and ate a mix of nuts, chocolate and rehydrated food to try and replace the 8,000 calories he was burning every day.

“The race was extremely challenging but it was fantastic to have Hampshire Flag Company’s valuable support in the donation of the 12 flags. It was a wonderful moment when I planted the flags at the South Pole and I am very grateful to Graham and his team for their generosity,” added Matt.

Hampshire Flag’s Managing Director Graham Wilkinson said, “Anyone who can endure such harsh conditions and puts in two years’ worth of training in deserves real recognition and respect.  Matt’s determination and dedication to raise money for charity is admirable and we are delighted to have been able to support him by donating the flags.”