20 May 2024

HP Latex 335 brings work in-house for Elevate Signs & Graphics

Elevate Signs and Graphics brings key work in house with new HP Latex 335 printer.

Falkirk-based Elevate Signs and Graphics has hailed the impact of its new HP Latex 335 printer, revealing how the machine has allowed the company to bring a large amount of printing work in house and to explore opportunities in new markets.

Founded by Adam Sharpe in 2021 after redundancy during the pandemic, Elevate Signs and Graphics offers a wide range of print and signage services, including both indoor and outdoor signs, safety signage and vehicle wraps.

As a new business finding its feet, Elevate Signs and Graphics had been outsourcing a lot of printing work to a trade printer, which had been costing the company thousands of pounds due to the level of demand for these services.

This led Adam, who has been working in the print and signage markets for over 20 years, to explore the option of purchasing a printer that would allow the company to bring work in house and cut the costs of outsourcing printing.

Adam and Elevate Signs and Graphics opted for an HP Latex 335 with the machine being installed at its Falkirk base in December last year. The printer has already had a major impact on operations, with the company having taken much of its printing work – including vehicle wraps and signage panels – in house.


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“The versatility of HP Latex technology was perfect for my business as we cover a wide range of jobs,” Adam said. “Both the cost effectiveness and quality of print made the HP Latex 335 the obvious choice for us.

“I was spending tens of thousands of pounds with a trade print supplier, so not only will I have more control over jobs, but I will increase profit margins. I have also employed my wife to help with production.”

In addition to bringing valuable work in house, Adam said the HP Latex 335 has allowed the company to explore new markets, highlighting the exhibition and events sector as a particular growth area for the business.

“I have been doing a lot more exhibition work, printing then applying to boards, so it’s definitely a growing side of the business for me,” Adam said.

“We are always looking into new possibilities; we don’t do as many window graphics as we would like, so that is a target market. We also do lots of interior wrapping, so digital wallpaper is also on the radar.

“Having been working in this industry all my life, I can honestly say that what HP has to offer is the most comprehensive range of machines that suits all sizes of business and budget. I will look to upgrade my current machine eventually, but for the moment, it is perfect!”

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Elevate Signs hp latex 335