10 Aug 2022

HP for Spenaprint and Keyboard Graphics

scitex fb7500 hp 

Spenaprint and Keyboard Graphics have made UK first with installations of HP Scitex FB7500/TJ8350 and FB950 printers respectively.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne based Spenaprint, until this year known as NSL, has ordered the UK’s first FB7500 and HP Scitex TJ8350 printer as part of its transition from being a screen and litho printer into becoming a more digitally focussed PSP.

“The decision to purchase our new printers was based on our confidence in HP’s technology and the business advantages of transferring work from analogue to digital production,” said Paul Dowell, director, Spenaprint, which came under new management earlier this year.

“Versatility and the ability to meet customers’ requirements are vital for success in this industry. We can produce anything from posters, billboards, POS and POP items to vehicle livery and outdoor signage, using almost any type of media. We can now offer each customer a bespoke service, based on their requirements.”

Designed for screen printers, the six-colour HP Scitex FB7500 can produce up to 105 (1.2 x 2.4m) sheets per hour, while the TJ8350 is one of the fastest wide-format solvent printers available with a top speed of 480m2/hr.

The UK’s first HP Scitex FB950 is meanwhile going to Keyboard Graphics, based in Stansted, Kent, where it will be used to help the company grow into new markets.

“When investigating the POP market it became clear that customers were looking for high-quality print that would enable their items to stand out in crowded marketplaces,” said Grant Mahoney, managing director, Keyboard Graphics. “We decided that we wanted to invest in state-of-the-art technology that would enable us to successfully add value to customers’ applications without compromising upon quality. In our opinion, not many flatbed machines can replicate the print quality of roll-to-roll printing, but during testing we found that the HP Scitex FB950 printer could do just this, and so, we bought one.”

The printer, bought from City & West End Solutions, uses six HP Scitex FB250 UV-curable inks and twelve printheads for output up to 1200 x 600 optimised dpi. The quoted speed is up to 80m2/hr Billboard mode. Mahoney added: “In the past we were restricted by the limited range of media we could print on. Often we had to print on to vinyl that would then be laminated and adhered to board, or outsource work. Our new printer will eliminate this lengthy stage of production, as it can print directly on to a wide variety of rigid media.”