24 Oct 2021

It's show time for PayneShurvell with help from Robert Horne Group

Robert Horne Payneshurvell

PayneShurvell, one of the UK’s most innovative contemporary art galleries turned to Robert Horne Group, a PaperlinX company, for help selecting and sourcing the materials required for a key exhibit for a show at its Shoreditch gallery.

The show, called Islands of Swarm, is a joint venture between PayneShurvell, the Berlin based artist Kai Schiemenz and architects Casper Muller Kneer; perhaps best known for their RIBA award winning design of White Cube, an exhibition space and gallery in Bermondsey.

The exhibition explores the many facets of stadiums, arenas, auditoriums and related architectural forms including their history, social role and relationship with the people who use them. Drawing on Kai Schiemenz’s extensive archive and specially designed to make the best use of the space at the PayneShurvell gallery, as a sponsor, Robert Horne Group worked closely with the gallery team to specify and supply the materials needed to create a stunning site-specific art installation. The sculpture, entitled Mr Hyde III was made from white gloss foam PVC, a material recommended by Robert Horne because it is easy to fold, drill and rout.

“Creating a sculptural piece of this scale meant we had to work carefully with the existing gallery space and choose a partner who could advise on the best materials as this was the first time we'd exhibited this kind of artwork in our gallery," says Jo Shurvell the gallery’s co-owner. “It was essential that we worked with a partner that had both the materials expertise as well as the ability to respond within a tight time frame. We were delighted with the response from Robert Horne, it exceeded all our expectations and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”