22 Jan 2022

MacroArt graphics beautify Blenheim Palace

21st Century meets 18th Century as MacroArt graphics beautify Blenheim Palace restoration works.

Leading wide format specialist MacroArt has created an extensive array of impressive signage and graphics at Blenheim Palace, to enhance the visitor experience whilst restoration takes place in one of the Palace State Rooms.

Working with the Marketing Team at Blenheim, MacroArt and design agency, Creative Gravy, focused on creating signage, hoardings, wall coverings and fabrics that reflected the heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site buildings, ensuring the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill can remain accessible to visitors whilst the restoration takes place.

To maintain the ambience of this historic venue, temporary access corridors were fitted out with exact replicas of the existing wall coverings that featured in the Green Writing Room, ensuring continued access around the building, and preserving the visitor experience.

In addition, unsightly concrete traffic bollards were covered with a heat conformable printed vinyl to replicate the sandstone that the Palace is built from. Bespoke pillar signage was also created, each of which sits on only 4 discrete cushioned points to prevent any damage to the ageing stonework and allow for the free draining of rainwater.

Central to the success of the project was Blenheim’s determination to ‘go the extra mile’ and seek solutions that not only achieved the perfect result, but painstakingly delivered small incremental enhancements that many visitors may not even notice.

MacroArt’s Key Account Manager, Mike Hamling, said; “A site as nationally important as Blenheim Palace warrants and deserves to benefit from the very best that our industry can produce.

“Our team worked tirelessly to deliver the level of attention to detail required -assessing and adapting even the smallest of elements. From invisible panel joinings and hidden fixings, to exact replicas of existing wallpaper graphics and sandstone facades, everything was considered.”

Samantha Vaughan, Marketing Manager at Blenheim Palace, applauded the MacroArt team for their forensic attention to detail and sympathetic adaptation of the graphics to the unusual environment; “Nothing seemed too much trouble for Mike and his team, and their expert advice and adaptability has produced results that, while perhaps not evident to the casual visitor, truly delivers a seamless and elegant result for Blenheim Palace. We are delighted with the outcome.”


MacroArt Blenheim wallpaper 002