10 Aug 2022

Oasis develops process to print true black for light-box applications

Printing a true black for use in a light-box has always been a challenge. But Oasis Graphic Co has developed its own, cost-effective digital process to allow it to print a detailed, high-density black and colour image directly to large format polycarbonate sheets.

Oasis was commissioned to create a number of illuminated images for the Research in Motion (BlackBerry) offices in Slough. Using its recently-acquired EFI VUTEk GS3250 3.2-metre wide flatbed and roll-to-roll UV printer, Oasis was able to print directly onto sheets of polycarbonate up to 3m by 2m. The technique does not use a photographic process, but still produces high quality print. It employs flood and/or selective white printing in up to three layers.

Oasis Graphic managing director Simon Osborne says, “We ran tests over a number of weeks, experimenting with combinations of different brands and types of acrylic & polycarbonate, and different print settings and ink levels. This enabled us to create high-density and exceptionally detailed images with strong and vibrant colours and true blacks. We developed this technique, and were able to deliver to the client within a month of starting the project. Now that we have perfected this technique, we have used the same process on a number of projects since then, including one that we shipped to Singapore.”

[photo shows signage produced by Oasis Graphic Co for lightbox use by Blackberry]