24 Oct 2021

Oasis Graphic Co takes Direct Line to successful graphics installation

Oasis Direct Line

Oasis Graphic Co has been bringing Direct Line's new brand promise - "Take the Direct Line" - to life through the application of a 'bold, purposeful and continuous' red line graphic at the company's four main offices.  Oasis was selected by Avvio, a brand engagement agency, to print the large format graphics for the campaign.

Avvio designed a branded environment for each office, featuring the continuous line travelling over the walls, floors and windows. Oasis created the print and profile cut vinyl on three varieties, ultra-removable vinyl for the painted walls, non-slip vinyl for the floors, and optically clear vinyl for the windows.

For maximum impact, the Oasis teams installed the graphics 'in guerilla fashion' according to Dan Kearney, Oasis project manager.  He says, "Our teams frequently worked out of office hours, evenings and weekends, to boost the wow factor when the offices opened in the morning".

The teams from Oasis installed graphics at the Direct Line offices in Bristol, Doncaster and Ipswich, and their Head Office in Bromley, Kent.  The internal branded spaces were short term installations, so Oasis produced the graphics on removable vinyl materials so the graphics could be easily removed without specialist materials or tools.