24 Jan 2022

Oasis rebrands Twickenham with removable vinyl graphics for Heineken Cup 2012

Oasis Heineken1

Oasis Graphic Co temporarily rebranded Twickenham's hospitality suite and the Adidas Interactive Zone for the Heineken Cup 2012, using ultra-removable vinyl graphics on top of the existing vinyl graphics.

International sports event agency Red Door Events called in Oasis to undertake the production and installation of the graphics. In addition to the hospitality suite, Oasis also rebranded Twickenham's 6-metre England Rugby merchandising trailer, as well as a number of freestanding structures at the Adidas Interactive Zone. These needed internally- and externally-skinned graphics.

Oasis' studio manager Chris Boyd-Leslie explains, “The biggest challenge we faced was that we were only rebranding the trailer and the hospitality suite for the duration of that event, and needed to return each of them to their former state afterwards. This would normally be quite a simple project, however, both the suite and the trailer had existing graphics and we had to apply the Adidas vinyls over these and then remove them without leaving a trace.”

To achieve this, Oasis created vinyls using the company’s recently installed VUTEk GS3250 flatbed UV printer, for both the internal branding of the hospitality suite and for the external sides of the merchandising trailer.

“Preparation was key to the success of the exercise – we had to pay very careful attention to the surfaces where we were applying the temporary graphics so that we could hand back the suite and trailer in pristine condition,” added Boyd-Leslie.

Part of the preparation work was for Chris and Oasis Graphic Co's managing director, Simon Osborne, to undertake a full site survey of the hospitality suite and the merchandising trailer in order to understand exactly the task at hand and how it could be achieved.

The whole install and de-rig happened across the weekend of the Heineken Cup, with the graphics installed on the Tuesday and Friday prior to the event by a team of four people, with a full strip out, restoring the hospitality suite to its usual branding, straight after the event.