25 Oct 2021

'Outstanding' graphics for Milan-based nhow Bar courtesy of HP latex technology

Hp Nhow Bar

HP has announced a new project with world-renowned designer, Karim Rashid, who used HP Latex Printing Technologies to help bring his creative interior design ideas to life in a project for the nhow Bar in Milan.

The  contemporary hotel, nhow Milano, part of the Spanish hotel chain NH Hotels, is located in the heart of Milan’s fashion and design district and is known for its elegant minimalist design and extraordinary architecture. Situated in one of the most dynamic and lively neighbourhoods in the city, the hotel has undergone a renovation project which now includes Karim Rashid’s work on the popular hotspot, the nhow Bar.

“When undertaking the redecoration of a bar or restaurant, doing it quickly is crucial as these venues cannot afford to remain closed for long periods,” said Karim Rashid. “My experience with HP Latex Printing Technologies taught me that decorative elements could be produced quickly and result in odour-free prints that could be installed immediately.”

Using HP Large Format Printing Solutions, including an HP Designjet L28500 Printer, Rashid created exuberant graphics as part of a refurbishment project at the uniquely-styled nhow Bar. The result is a completely new-look 50m2 bar area comprising eight tables that boast vibrant full-colour graphics printed by the HP Scitex FB500 Industrial Printer, as well as two large-sized mirrors that feature striking HP Latex-printed designs on self-adhesive transparent film.

Direct-to-rigid printing with HP Scitex FB500 Industrial Printer

The entire graphics package for the nhow Bar was printed in Germany by event services agency, TECSERVICEUROPE AG, which also has its own print department.

Thanks to the HP Scitex FB500’s direct-to-rigid print capability and improved ink adhesion on non-porous rigid media, TECSERVICEUROPE was able to print Karim’s vibrant design directly onto eight 90 x 90cm polypropylene Tak table tops. Each table was then laminated with a clear-coat varnish for ensured robustness and longevity.

TECSERVICEUROPE also used its HP Designjet L28500 Printer, which runs water-based HP Latex Inks, to produce two large format designs that were applied to the two mirrors. The graphics, which measure 540 x 90cm and 825 x 90cm, were printed onto Sihl glossy transparent media before being applied to the glass surface.

Odourless printed graphics

Importantly for the nhow team, odourless HP Latex-printed graphics mean that undesirable smells were not an issue that could have proved a problem for the bar’s clientele. Furthermore, the inks contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).

“The fact that the mirrors do not emit strong smells is something that we take for granted, but this would otherwise have been a serious problem and at the very least, would have delayed the opening of the bar”, said Elisabetta Scantamburlo, art director at the nhow Milano Hotel.

Strategically located in Via Tortona, widely-renowned as Milan’s artistic epicentre, the nhow Bar’s new-look graphics achieve the hotel’s aim of reflecting the area’s lively, avant-garde creativity.

“The graphics look outstanding and fit completely with nhow’s design statement, which harnesses different trends and styles to create a unique and original theme,” continued Elisabetta Scantamburlo. “As it was, the graphics were installed only a short time before we opened the doors to customers, many of whom have remarked upon their striking visual appeal.”

Designed to create a sense of energy, Rashid’s theme for the nhow Bar draws upon inspiration from a design theme that represents Spain, Portugal and Italy.

“With colours, form and materials that reflect the digital age, the design is intended to bring a sense of connectivity, like a conduit for meeting, deal making, engaging, and flirting,” said Rashid

“nhow Milano has a consistent theme of orange within the hotel branding. I chose to highlight this theme throughout the bar by keeping a minimal colour scheme of white, orange, chrome and gold with an accent of lime,” he continued.

Ruth Quindos, Sign and Display Production market development manager, EMEA, HP, added, “This particular interior decor project exemplifies how, by using HP large-format printing technology, designers can express their creativity and create customised, one-off pieces to match the demanding needs of today's design-conscious buyer.”

More information is available at www.youtube.com/hpgraphicarts

[photo caption: The nhow Bar in Milan was decorated with creative interior design ideas by Karim Rashid, brought to life with HP Latex Printing Technologies (credits Giuseppe Creti)]