10 Aug 2022

Phoenix Colour 'opens the door' to more work following £250,000 investment in digital print

Leicester-based Phoenix Colour plc has made a £250,000 investment in an Océ Arizona 360 GT printer and a ZÜND G3 L2500 cutting system to 'open the door' to more work opportunities.

Business owner Peter Davis, 59, who first started a print apprenticeship 40 years ago, said, “The Océ Arizona and ZÜND are head and shoulders above the opposition in terms of quality. The investment, which will have paid for itself within three years, has given me a new lease in printing and has already brought more business to the company.”

New business is growing rapidly and approximately 25% of work previously done on other printers and mounted manually to substrate has already been transferred to the Arizona. New outlets include various size boxes that are being printed and cut for bespoke promotional products such as game boards. As another example, Kitchen companies require display boards for international business shows and others require print samples direct on to wood.

Another benefit is that 75% of die-cutting work previously outsourced is now done in-house at Phoenix Colour.  “The reason for buying Océ and ZÜND systems was based purely on quality against the competition,” said Mr Davis. “Although Government funding helped reduce the price by £25,000. It’s been so successful that I am now having a big sales drive in the POS (Point of Sale) market and expect to grow my business in that area by 25% in the next year alone.”

Dominic Fahy, Océ UK’s Business Group Director, Display Graphics and Imaging Supplies, adds, “The feedback from Phoenix Colour is typical of companies that are improving their bottom line by investing for the future. The Océ Arizonas are impressive digital systems that set the standard in the market for quality. They can help create new innovative applications to drive new business and realise cost savings and productivity improvements.”