25 Oct 2021

'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' by Pixartprinting

The 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' installation by Pixartprinting unveiled at Milan Design Week amazes and hypnotises visitors

The unusual installation entitled 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' from Pixartprinting, the leading European upload & print company, was unveiled to mark Design Week in Milan.

The installation is also open to the public for five months at BASE MILANO, and had three objectives: to provide visitors with a moment of wonder, to astonish them, and to excite them.

"This project shares Pixartprinting's courage to experiment and innovate and represents a new concept in the field of culture and creativity", commented Andrea Pizzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Pixartprinting. "Creativity and innovation have always been assets at our company, which invests in cultural initiatives that promote content creation. Unlike the other installations at Fuorisalone, this one was designed to last several months and aims to be a starting point for producing additional content and a source of inspiration for other creative minds”.

The historic former Ansaldo factory is now home to 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' by Pixartprinting, an enormous flower made up of numerous colourful and animated smaller flowers, whose petals open and close with a mechanical rhythm caused by the 'breathing' of rubber balls that, thanks to the principle of shape memory, return to their original position with a fluid and organic motion, opening up the flower. The result is simultaneously harmonious and hypnotic, with the individual elements appearing to interact in different ways depending on the type of ball, the temperature and the number of petals. "Each flower is brought to life by a small motor programmed using Arduino technology, and each element of the work can potentially move independently, so there are infinite combinations available. The setup programmed for this event lasts approximately five minutes, combining more random sections with other more choreographed parts" explained Carlo Migotto, Art Director at Pixartprinting. "Technically one can do a lot of things with this work, such as interactive design, for example. Indeed, this installation is an excellent demonstration of how combining our technology and the creativity of the user can provide the perfect basis for ingenuity, which can lead to big things".

A beam of light is emitted from the heart of this installation, dazzling spectators, while, concealed within, a video camera steals the moment of wonder of those looking at the work and shares it with the world through a projection onto a panel outside the building. This is the basis for the idea that 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul'.

The installation also reveals a lot about Pixartprinting's own soul: a concentrated mixture of creativity and inventiveness that interacts with technology to produce surprising creations. And that's not all: every single printed part in 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' was created by the Venice-based W2P company, encouraging people to imagine the numerous potential creative uses for the materials the company employs. The firm uses them to create printed items such as display stands and packaging, but they can also be reinterpreted, giving free reign to the user's inventive spirit. In addition, the entire project was completed in record time by the creative team at Pixartprinting, in collaboration with Dadomani Studio, and involving professionals in various roles: staging, set design, assembly, graphics, videos, photography, web development and graphic design. High speed and responsiveness are two factors that have always set the company's service apart. Pixartprinting is a benchmark player for the market, not only competitive in terms of production speed, product range, value for money and service, but also innovative in the strategy it pursues and its communication.