10 Aug 2022

PPS produces bespoke signage solution for BIU HQ

When one of the UK's leading energy consultancy companies, BIU recently moved into its new corporate headquarters in St. Anne’s, Lancashire, it turned to P.P.S. to design and manufacture an innovative light box display.

The brief was for an illuminated display to run up the stairs from ground to top floor, be continuous and embedded into the wall and to be as
flush fitting as possible with the ability to easily change graphics.

All off the shelf solutions were ruled out as the overall run length came to in excess of 15m with the longest single piece being 3500 mm and where a specific height of 460 mm was also require combined with angled joins.  P.P.S.'s solution was to manufacture a series of slim light panels directly
out of 8mm thick edge lit acrylic, all angled and cut to shape so they could join together when recessed into the wall aperture.

These were lit by daisy chaining built in high intensity LEDs along the top and bottom edges of the individual panels to provide constant, bright
illumination across the display. Lengths of 28 mm wide snap rails were then custom mitered together to form a graphic aperture along the top
bottom and sides, mounted directly to the surrounding wall surfaces.

Blank semi rigid 2mm opal acrylic sheets were custom cut to match the the light panels and printed directly onto with the Agfa Anapurna flatbed
printer, providing very high resolution graphics that displayed the fine text of BIU's customer endorsement letters contained within the designs.

The final result was a very thin, very impressive illuminated display running up the staircase to BIU's top floor customer reception that impresses
everyone who arrives at the corporate headquarters.